12 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

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10:00 am 12 Dec, 2015

You may have suspected for days, months or sometimes even years but you were never able to reach a confirmed decision. If you think your partner is cheating on you, you must cross check with these signs:


1. If she starts hiding her text messages, email exchanges and deletes all the WhatsApp chats with her ‘good friend’, then there are high chances you are being cheated on!


2. If your girlfriend picks up a new language, it is likely she is spending much time talking with someone else.

Observe if she starts using one new word continuously, which she never used before.


3. She appears aloof all of a sudden.

May be because she is troubled about how to hide this huge secret and avoid getting exposed.


4. She always comes up with a convincing reason for why she is not able to meet you every time!

May be because she never wants to!


5. Everyone she is talking to on Facebook are good-looking men whom she just wants to flirt with!


6. All of a sudden, there is a change in her routine and she stops spending time with you in lonely places!

There is no sex either.


7. Every time you call her, she will speak to you like she has never met you before or will not pick your call.

Sometimes, the phone is switched off too.


8. When you want to meet and spend some time with her, she instantly has a good reason to not do that.

But she meets you only because she wants to get some work done from you.


9. She speaks to someone every time she goes to the washroom.


10. You see a drastic makeover in her wardrobe collection and appearance.

There is possibility she is preparing herself for a new relationship.


11. She seems to be more guarded and is not interested in sharing details about her life.

She tries to avoid your phones calls and text messages!


12. She does not make any effort to be with you!

Her office hours keep getting longer.


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