You Don’t Need Money To Be Happy. These Pictures Prove So

8:43 am 10 Nov, 2018


Time is changing so fast and with the advent of the internet, many things have become almost out of sight. Well, I still remember doing a story last year, about a group of playful adults playing ludo in a manner never seen before and which went viral. They played ludo in real life in a desert by making themselves pawns and the rows and columns in the desert sand as the board. You can take a look at here.

Well, it actually made me feel nostalgic seeing them playing the game as all those years of my early life come flashing back as I watch and write the story. Here we bring you a list of toys and games of olden days that will make you feel nostalgic.


1. Low-cost carom board?


How many of you out there used to play carom on a blackboard while in school?



2. What about this game?

Who else there never played this one?



3. The camera made of mud or clay

Those days when we can’t buy the real camera but want it so much.



4. A car made of mud



5. Mud mobile phone

When you cannot buy the real one.




6. Seesaw

Those days when we make, sit and play over the wooden seesaw at our backyard.




7. The real meaning of going behind the wheel



8. Train or truck made of slippers and iron sheet

Many must have indulged in making and playing this.




Imagine how it would be like playing them now yourself. You wanna try them now? Well, let us try and bring our childhood playful toys and games back to life.

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