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12 Cheap Date Ideas If You Are Poor AF But Still Want To Create An Impression

Published on 8 September, 2018 at 8:30 am By

Cheap date ideas can come in handy when the date night is nearby and you are broke. Or even when you are out of money but still want to make it the most memorable and romantic experience. When they say “Love don’t cost a thing” they really mean it and there are some great ideas out there. Using your creativity you can still  impress your significant other without spending much. We’ve all been in situations where Paise ka ata pata nahi, par ladki ko impress toh karna hai. Lekin kaise?


Well, we’ll help you with that today. And if this is your case currently, then we have the perfect solution for you. Here are 12 cheap date ideas and cheap date tips to help your romance get on track or even stay on track.


1. Under the Stars


So, what if you can’t afford a resort or a fancy hotel room? You can always use your own home for the ideal date. Set up a bed or mattress beneath the stars on your terrace or in your balcony. You can mix it up with a movie, some snacks and long conversations all through the night.



2. Cook Something



So what if you don’t have the budget for a five course or eight course meal in a five star hotel. You can make that kind of food at home itself. Impress your date with the Ghar ka Khaana. What’s more, you can even do it repeatedly, by making different dishes every time. How’s that for cheap date ideas? And don’t they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, that stands true for women too!



3. Explore the city


No budget for a trip? No worries! None of us can claim to know the whole city we reside in. Find out some places to explore in the city itself and make a day trip out of it. That would be fun, for sure! Not to mention unconventional as well.



4. Trek or Hike


Since, we’re talking about exploring, you can go one step further and take a hike, trek with them to the nearest spot. Heck, there must be spots within the city which can be trekked/hiked too (think Sanjay Gandhi National Park or Nandi Hills).



5. Work on a puzzle together


It’s a team effort and collaborative work. So when you don’t have the budget to buy tickets for treasure hunts or expensive outdoor entertainment, solve a puzzle at home. You’ll end up getting to work together for hours and might even learn a thing or two about each other.



6. Play a game together


This could be a board game, a card game or just about any indoor/outdoor game. Right from cricket and badminton, to chess and UNO, the choices are aplenty. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to have fun, along side getting to spend some time with the one you want to impress. Here’s a pro tip: pick a game you’re good at, and the battle is half won! You could even play video games together.



7. Movie/series binge watching


Can’t afford the over-priced movie tickets? Why not binge watch movies and TV series at your home. You save money on tickets, fuel, food, and so much more!



8. Check out the city specials


There are so many events happening across all cities these days. From city walks to special screenings, and demo dance sessions to book club meetings, there might be ample things happening around your city. The best part is, some of these are free or heavily discounted.



9. Meet each other’s families/parents/friends


This would be a good idea after the first few dates. But insist on meeting them at their/your homes or it might end up being an expensive one and not a cheap date. This will impress your partner more than anything else as they will be touched by how you are trying to be more involved in their life.



10. A picnic in the park/garden


It may sound cliched or old fashioned, but it’s definitely still one of the most romantic and cheapest date ideas. So, go sit in the most beautiful park/garden around you. You could make a picnic out of it and it will surely impress the one you’re trying to woo.



11. Go through old photos


Have a day set aside just to have a look at each other’s childhood or old photographs. This way you’ll end up spending hours in getting to know each other better. Not to mention, each photo will have its own story, so when they narrate the story, they’ll enjoy the moment and connect with you better. Which will also of course end up impressing them about how thoughtful you are.



12. Learn something new together


This could be by taking a free demo session somewhere or by looking at an online tutorial. Dancing, cooking, painting, the possibilities of learning are endless. But the way to impress your partner would be to pick something they have always wanted to learn or something you know they like. They’ll love the fact that you are willing to learn that thing for and with them.


Image result for couple taking a class together



It helps when you have money while trying to impress someone. But not having money shouldn’t stop you from having a good time with someone you like. As someone wise once said, “Paisa toh aaj hai, kal nahi hai.” So, why let it stop you?


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