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11 Interesting And Controversial Characters From The World Religions

Updated on 5 October, 2019 at 4:16 pm By

1. Yakub – the Black scientist who creates the White race

Wallace Ford Muhammad (founder of The Nation of Islam) stated in his writings that an evil, big-headed Black scientist named Yakub had created the White race as a “race of devils”. Yakub, who lived around 6,600 years ago, was born in Mecca. In a bid to create the White race, he went to the island of Patmos with 59,999 followers and set about to breeding out the black traits. After 200 years, the brown race was created. Yakub died at the age of 152 but his followers carried on the work and the White race was created 600 after this deliberate eugenics. The brutal methods that led to their creation ensured that the new race would be evil, prone to lying and barbaric.


Yakub was said to have a big head picsart

2. Lilith – the first woman who becomes Queen of Demons


In Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first woman who was created from dust along with Adam, the first man. However, Lilith refuses to submit to her husband (she is unwillingly to lie under him during copulation) because she says that they were created to be equals. She leaves paradise and then Eve is created out of Adam’s rib. Lilith turns into a demon that kills children, leads men astray and strangles newborns. As a dominant female demon, Lilith becomes the queen of the king of demons, Asmodeus. She is blessed with fertility and she and Asmodeus birth demons endlessly to populate the “Other World” and to spread chaos in this one. In more modern times, Lilith has gained prominence in Wicca and Occultism.


Lilith (between Adam and Eve) carved in the Notre Dame cathedral isthatinthebible

3. Melek Taus – Yazidi God who closely resembles Shaitan

The Yazidis are an ethno-religious group situated in Kurdistan. Their God is Melek Taus (Peacock Angel), who was the greatest of the Holy Beings to whom God had entrusted the world. He refused to bow to Adam and suffered a “fall” – so far his story matches up with the Muslim “Shaitan”, which is why the Yazidis are accused of devil-worship and targeted by orthodox Muslims. However, Melek Taus repented, wept for 7 years (which made the fires of Hell die out) and was forgiven by God. He created this world from a “cosmic egg”. For the Yazidis, he is not an evil entity; good and evil exist in the hearts of men (and their choices), not in Melek Taus. The founder of the religion, Sheikh Adi Ibn Musafir, is seen as an incarnation of Melek Taus.

Melek Taus

Melek Taus tumblr

4. Xenu – evil alien who puts people’s souls in volcanoes and blows them up

Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard was a sci-fi writer who came up with the concept of Xenu, a dictator of the Galactic Confederacy, who brought billions of aliens to Earth (then known as Teegeeack) 75 million years ago, stacked them in volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Scientologists believe that it is the spirits (thetans) of these aliens that cling to humans and cause problems. The reason Xenu did this was because the 76 planets that were part of the Galactic Confederacy had become overpopulated. Xenu feared being overthrown and decided to eliminate the excess population. He pretended to hold income tax inspections, froze billions in an alcohol and glycol mixture, and then took them on a final trip to Earth.


Xenu (also called Xemu sometimes) 11ilcatevanderbilt

5. Ashtar – extraterrestrial who has many messages for humans

Ashtar is also known as Ashtar Sheran; he first contacted George Van Tassel in 1952. Since then, he’s been very busy contacting people across the world; this has led to the Ashtar Movement, a prominent UFO religion. The Ashtar Command has “ascended masters” and no clear central authority. Ashtar’s main theme involves a transformation in human beings. It is also believed that millions of spaceships hover around the Earth but will only interfere if there is some imminent danger to the planet. On 26 November, 1977, there was a TV news broadcast interruption in UK for about 6 minutes. A voice claiming to be a representative of the Intergalactic Association told people that they had a short time to learn to live together in peace.


Ashtar Sheran youtube

6. Angra Mainyu – the anti-thesis of Ahura Mazda, or is he?

Ahura Mazda was a spirit in an old Iranian religion. Zoroaster claimed that Ahura Mazda was an “uncreated” spirit, who was wise, good and benevolent; thus, he became the God of Zoroastrianism. In an opposite role, he pitted Angra Mainyu– the source of sin and misery. He was said to create evil daevas, who deceived people. Though later texts placed him lower than Ahura Mazda, earlier ones don’t; he is also regarded as having created the world when he battled Spenta Mainyu for divine glory. In Zurvanism, Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu are twins; the latter decides to be evil. “It is not that I cannot create anything good, but that I will not,” he said, and then created a peacock to prove his point.


Angra Mainyu (on a temple wall) i-cias

7. Fenrir – monstrous wolf who is son of Loki and foretold killer of Odin

Loki, the mischief-maker in Norse mythology, had three children with a giantess, Angrboöa – Fenrir, the wolf; Jörmungandr, the serpent; and Hel, the female. When the gods heard about these children, Odin threw the serpent into the deep sea and threw Hel into an icy realm; Fenrir was raised by the gods till they realized how strong he was getting. After much effort, they finally managed to confine Fenrir with the help of a bind, heavy stones and a sword in his mouth. There Fenrir will lie till Ragnarök (a predicted future where water will fill the Earth and kill even the gods), and then rise to kill Odin and die by the hand of Odin’s son, Viöarr.


Fenrir vs Odin imgur

8. Moroni – A man, an angel, and revealer of the Book of Mormon


Moroni, an ancient Nephite warrior, was the son of Mormon (the prophet who wrote the Book of Mormon). After his father’s death in battle, Moroni took the golden plates and finished the Book and buried it. Fourteen centuries later, he visited Joseph Smith as an angel on 21 September, 1823 (and many times afterwards) and revealed to him the location of the golden plates. Smith translated them and returned the plates to Moroni. Moroni is generally described as being purely white – his garments and his flesh. He is shown as blowing a trumpet. One of the controversial claims that he made involved black skin being a punishment by God because dark-skinned people were quite unhelpful in the Heavenly war against Lucifer.


Angel Moroni with his trumpet weeklyphotos

9. Shatarupa – first woman who leads to Brahma not being worshiped

When Brahma (part of the Hindu trinity along with Vishnu and Shiva) was creating the universe, he created the first woman known as Shatarupa. After he had created her, Brahma immediately became besotted with her. He started to follow her wherever she went. Shatarupa began to move in various directions to try and avoid Brahma’s gaze but he grew three more heads so that he would be able to face all four directions to watch her. In desperation, Shatarupa leaped over Brahma but the god merely grew one more head to face upwards. Shiva then cut off this fifth head; he accused Brahma of being incestuous and directed that there will be no proper worship of Brahma. Since then Brahma has been reciting the four Vedas from each mouth ceaselessly.


Shatarupa with Brahma amazingbharat

10. Tezcatlipoca – Aztec night god who destroys the world a few times

Though Tezcatlipoca is shown as having yellow and black lines on his face, he is associated with the color black. According to myth, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent god) created the world. Tezcatlipoca used his foot as bait to capture the crocodilian earth-monster Cipactli, after which they turned her into the earth. Tezcatlipoca became the sun but Quetzalcoatl knocked him down and the former destroyed the world in anger. The world was then started a few times again and destroyed by Tezcatlipoca repeatedly. Despite this history, he remained the god of kings and was worshiped reverently. Each year, a boy would be “chosen to be” Tezcatlipoca, live like a god for a year and then be sacrificed and eaten.


Tezcatlipoca godislove

11. Set – Bisexual Egyptian god who tries to rape his sister and nephew

Set was married to his sister Nephthys (while his brother Osiris was married to their other sister Isis). He is the father of Anubis, the god of the underworld (though perhaps Anubis was the son of Osiris and Nephthys). Seth was first a “good” god, helping Ra (sun) to rise and set in the sky each day, and protecting oases in the deserts. Over time he became associated with evil. He is most often shown as a man with the head of a dog/jackal-type creature. Set was said to have been born violently from his mother and suffered jealousy of his brother Osiris, whom he killed and dismembered. He had sex with Osiris’s son Horus but Horus didn’t let him ‘cum’ in him. He was then defeated by Horus, who tricked him in a boat race, forcing him to step down.


Set gamesradar




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