8 Silicon Valley Characters Which You Really Wish Existed In Every Startup

Updated on 14 Jun, 2018 at 2:40 pm


When Silicon Valley hit us in 2014 with its first episode, we couldn’t believe our luck. Here was a sitcom which totally killed it with its true-to-the-core characters which you will likely see in every startup. Sadly, that’s not the case because just like the popular American series, these kind of people are hard to find and it’s almost impossible to see them under one roof in real life.

So imagining such people in one startup won’t be so wrong. Let’s have a look at some of the best characters from this comedy sitcom which we think can exist in real life.


1. Richard Hendricks – college dropout yet CEO!


You’ll always find that one college dropout who happens to be that ultra cool nerd, who quit his job to start on his own. As the quieter one, he will always feel awkward in a crowd and end up retching before any lecture.


As CEO, he is ruthless but filled with self-belief. He creates without fear and is ready to counter-attack any threat from competitors. Soon, his company praises him as the head of the family.



2. Erlich Bachman – failed businessman with a large mouth!

Every startup has an Erlich, a successful entrepreneur, who has a house large enough to accommodate four bachelors-cum-friends. He’s always reminiscing his glorious days but also is aware about having a slice of profit from his friend’s company.


The smart businessman likes to chills with Hookah, marijuana, cheese and Pizza. Despite being unsuccessful, he is a great negotiator and impresses with his witty one-liners. He’s always at the rescue during those tensed up corporate meetings!



3. Big Head – best friend of CEO but totally useless!

That best friend who has nothing in common, other than just being the best friend of the CEO. He’s totally clueless and useless to the company but is faithful to his best friend.


He’s the super rich lad who spins out his billionaire dad’s contacts to help his friends in need of the hour. Big Head too needs some time-off from all that lazing around, and therefore, enjoys a chilled glass of Dunkin cold drink always!



4. Bertram Gilfoyle – online security expert who can’t go wrong!

He’s that satanist engineer who completely involves his time in online security expertise. His knowledge and capability as a network engineer make him the go-to-person, even for his nagging co-workers. He plays vicious pranks with other engineers, almost bringing them to tears.


Belson always successfully applies himself in creating world-class security system. In nature, he’s brutally sarcastic, but in contrast, he’s highly respected in his team for his skill sets.



5. Dinesh Chugtai – an envious specialist programmer!

Although he’s a talented Java programmer, Dinesh is a outwardly sarcastic personality with the sole aim of mocking his fellow engineer. He gets brutally assaulted for always scoring less in his coding, only to keep trying harder.


Unlike everyone, he displays signs of jealously and is materialistic to the extent that, he could use up all his savings! Dinesh has bad luck with women, cyber coding and of course, the opportunity to outwit his seniors in engineering.



6. Monica Hall – one lady stuck between bunch of nerds!

Coming as an associate partner and business handler, Monica is most approachable and realistic. She’s not only pretty, but often engages in a quiet cigarette time of her own. She has a great rapport with her business partners and is truly unbiased.


Monica kinda girl keeps her dealings all ‘business-purpose’ and believes in her own conviction. She’s always likes to celebrate with that glass of expensive champagne in an expensive restaurant, of course!



7. Jared Dunn – business adviser who’s weirdly loyal!

Jared is the one who quits his high-paying job to listen to his heart. His expertise in the company’s success is undeniable. He is staunchly devoted to his boss – right when he needs to puke in public or financially advising him on crucial business matters.


He is fiercely dedicated in making his company big and often sleeps in a bunker during those crazy working nights. He makes his awkward boss look less of a jerk and takes any insults on behalf of him.



8. Gavin Belson – former tech giant who gives a f***k!

He’s the ultimate former tech giant who built his fortune thanks to his shrewd and cruel corporate dealings. Belson always tries to conspire and spew vindictive streaks on his competitors. He goes to any lengths to destroy his business rivals, even if it means eviction from his own position.


He continues to fail in creating any tech by stealing his rival’s theories but nevertheless, believes in smashing all his furniture in his expensive house as a sign of ultimate defeat.






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