The News Of Channel [V] Shutting Down Is Proving To Be Heartbreaking For 90s Folks

6:53 pm 24 Nov, 2017


The 90s was probably the most beautiful time for children. With only a limited amount of technological development and a style of upbringing rooted more in traditions, the 90s kids probably had the best of both worlds. While nowadays children are more hooked to mobile phones and have a plethora of TV channels at their disposal, back in those times, it was only DD1, DD2 and a handful of cable channels. One among them was Channel [V], which mainly catered to the entertainment requirements of young adults.


Left: Lola Kutty Right: The first ever all-girls band from India Viva. Indiatimes

If you’re a 90s kid, you’d definitely know what we are talking about. Not just the latest tracks were played in the channel but VJs like Juhi Pandey and Gaurav Kapur had everyone’s attention. And what be said about the hilarious caricature Lola Kutty! She was everything that a person needed to get over minor depressions, sadness and even a breakup. Well, quite so!

But today, we have a bad news for Channel [V]’s fans. The channel has been around for over two decades now and is apparently more stuffed with serials than anything else. Many people even term it as just a step away from being a saas-bahu channel.

According to reports, Star India has decided to stop airing the channel and replace the same with a sports channel. However, they have still not issued any official statement on it.

So, while the truth of the news is still under covers, many people already appear to be very upset at the probable curtains down on their favorite channel. Some took to social media to say how their younger days were spent by watching MTV and Channel [V]. However, with the latter drifting more towards youth-based tele-series, drama and reality shows, many of them haven’t watched the channel in years.

However, there were few who thought banishing Channel [V] for ever for a “good riddance” indeed:


Are you a 90s kid? Even if you’re not, how do you see this curtains down on one of the iconic channels of Indian television? Do let us know your opinion in comments section below!

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