5 Simple Steps To Change Your Life And The World Around You

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9:00 pm 24 Jan, 2015


“You can be the best and you can change the world.” Such inspiring words you have heard quite often, but the one question that bothers you is: how. How are you going to be the best, and how can you change the world?

The answer is simple: all you need is passion.

Darryl Anka speaks on it at length in his video titled ‘Passion Principle’. But for the sake of those who want a quick rundown, here is all the wisdom simplified in five points.

1. Follow your passion

Follow your passion

Do what you love and focus all your attention on that alone.

2. Team up for big projects

Team up

Share your ideas and attract people who have an objective similar to yours. Together you can do big things.

3. Learn the steps needed to fulfil your objective


Organise steps

Acquire skills and understand the steps.

4. Expand your level of awareness and interact with people


We need people to change the world! We need people to build a partnership.

5. Stay focussed on the goal

Stay focussed

Persistence is everything. If you remain steadfast on your objective, you’ll shift into a higher consciousness.

Watch Anka speak.