Chandigarh Students Develop ‘Monkey Repeller’ To Chase Away Simians From Campus

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6:35 pm 5 May, 2015


Scared to go out of house because of monkey menace? Chandigarh engineering students have solution for you.

According to Indian Express, a team of six students from the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology have made a ‘monkey repeller’ with a sound system.

This device would make the sounds of a langoor to scare the monkeys away. It weighs 2.85 kg, and can cover cover an area of 30 metres while the range could be increased.

So, why did students developed this project? Anish, one of the team members said:

“For the last few years, our college has been hiring a langoor which makes noise to repell monkeys and hiring of the langoors used to cost over Rs.10,000 per month. As hiring langoors is banned by the government, we developed this project keeping in view the common problem of the city residents.”

Citing monkey repeller as one-time investment, it comes with infrared remote to control it. One of the team members said:

“It will be a one-time investment and will work on electricity. If in some areas, there is no electricity supply, arrangements have been made for the repeller to work on the battery, solar power or regular power socket at homes.”

Not only this, it is weather proof, too. Digember, a team member said:

“The full fabrication of this project took six months from design to manufacture. The sound range of this device can be increased as per needs. If the area is square, then the repeller will have to be installed in all the four corners. The repeller could be modified as per the area.”



This mechanical langoor is the first of its kind in India. Varanasi, one of India’s oldest cities which is always under siege from the monkeys, might find this device useful.

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