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19 Things That Make Chandigarh A Really “KHAAS” City

Updated on 4 September, 2019 at 6:07 pm By

If you’ve ever been to Chandigarh, you know how warm and cozy the city makes you feel.  The people are more than lively; they eat great food, and enjoy their booze like no other. The lively Punjabi community and their ever superior hospitality have no match in the world.


Pretty girls, garbru jawan guys, bullets and bikes, Mercedes and Lamborghini, Gurudwaras and Churches, all just add to the vibrancy of the place.

For the love of Chandigarh and to the lively spirit of its people, here are 19 reasons that make ‘The City Beautiful’ so KHAAS and close to our hearts:

1. Clean, green and safe, there is no other city in India that is as well planned as Chandigarh.

Designed by French architect Le Corbusier, the city is neatly divided into sectors. The streets are wide and well connected with beautifully landscaped roundabouts. It is only in the past few years that traffic blocks have become a common place as more and more people are making it their home.


Green and safe


2. Nothing compares to the happening crowd in Sec 17, where you can simply wail away time nibbling on ice cream.

Yes, even after the city now has Elante Mall and several other malls are coming up, Sec 17 remains the #1 most happening place in Chandigarh. The shady trees, the cool breeze and the wide open skies above are relaxing even when the temperature soar sky high.


Most happening place


3. It only happens in Chandigarh, girls don’t leave home without their ‘Kineys’ and guys without their ‘Bullts’.


The girls here are very fond of riding a Kinetic Scotty, which they have nicknamed “Kineys”, and the guys are in love with the Bullets, which they lovingly call “Bullt.”


Kineys and Bullts


4. In love or in despair, Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh is a constant companion for every person.

People come here to propose, to date, to enjoy long walks and also to dump their sorrows.


5. The Punjabi girls in Chandigarh are the prettiest and most outspoken. When it comes to being cultural and embracing traditions, no one can beat them.


Culture and traditions


6. Chandigarh has some of the best desi Punjabi dhabbas. You just can’t miss out Tehel Singh’s Dhaba in Sec 22.

Veg or non-veg, every sector in Chandigarh has a speciality dhaba, and if you’ve missed out Tehel Singh’s dhaba it’s a big miss out.


7. “Swag is not something you wear, it is something you are born with” is the mantra that defines Chandigarh.

But really no one, not even the ones who use the word “SWAG” can tell you what it means. But they know the lyrics of the song “swag mera desi ae” by heart.


8. From rags to riches, everyone in Chandigarh parties at the best night clubs, and for dinner heads to the paranthe walas near PGI, Madhyamarg.

Whether it is Hops & Grains, The Blue Blazers, or The Peddlers, night life in Chandigarh has grown from zero to being one of the most happening all night affairs.


9. The happening crowd at the gedri route and sec 15 in the evening is something no one can miss.



10. And for the intellectuals, we have the Tagore Theater.


11. Thodi pahadon ki feel leni ho, toh Himalayan Expressway hai na.

The mountains are very close to Chandigarh. A half an hour drive is all that is needed to cross over to the hills of Himachal Pradesh.


12. And this is how it looks in the Spring.




13. The city has so many gardens, you never run out of places to date.

From the famous Rock Garden to the Rose Garden, plenty of pleasant corners await visit from lovers.




14. Chandigarh traffic police is probably the best in the country, be ready to pay challans for ignoring minor traffic rules.

Most people here have been challaned at least once for over speeding. And, most of them go to the district courts in Sec 17 to get the challan cleared for it is much cheaper there, instead of Police lines in Sec 29.


15. It only happened in Chandigarh that we have names for English speaking girls.

We call them “chinkan” or “jhankan”.


16. Nowhere else in the country are neighbors so extremely hospitable as they are in Chandigarh.

They will share every delicacy from sarson ka saag to butter chicken. You will always celebrate festivals like Lohri and Basant together like it were a family wedding.




17. Chandigarh is surrounded by the most beautiful countryside, lush with green and yellow fields of wheat and mustard.


18. It’s only in Chandigarh where people have a surplus budget planned for bigger tires, alloy wheels, woofer and so many other modifications when they buy cars.

That’s how it should look.


19. Car-O-Bar in a slang for drinking with glasses on the dickey of the car in Sec 8, late at night.

And they do it in style.




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