This Is The Reason Why Chamri Wale Baba’s Dargah At LOC Has Remained Untouched By Pakistani Army

2:34 pm 27 Mar, 2018


International border across the line of control is witnessing heavy gunshots for the past few weeks. The firepower is being used by Pakistan unabashedly including small arms, mortars and heavy shells against the Border Security Force (BSF). The Pakistani troops are not even sparing the innocent civilians living on the Indian side, such is the sad state of affairs.

However, surprising is the fact that over all these years, Pakistan has spared a 350 years old shrine dedicated to Chamri Wale Baba aka Chamliyal Baba.




This year the scenario is different as three bullets have already landed inside the premises of this holy shrine. The BSF soldiers have given some clarity to this stating that it must have happened due to the possible bouncing back of bullets. A BSF soldier also mentioned, “This time three bullets landed in the premises of dargah which we feel will bring bad luck to Pakistan Rangers.”


It is believed that both BSF and Pakistan Rangers have immense faith in the shrine and the miraculous powers of the Baba.

An officer said, “We feel the Baba protects us. Not just bulletproof vests and helmets, we feel there is a supernatural power which takes care of the jawans.”


History says that a few hundred years ago, Chamdi Wale Baba or Chamliyal Baba had enormous domination in this region. His followers were large, however, he was beheaded by nefarious elements.

Later, his head was dropped in Sadawali, where this dargah or shrine was established by Pakistan. However, his horse carried his headless body to Chamliyal, a place which got named after him.




For years Pakistan Rangers have been crossing over to the Indian side to offer prayers and chadars and pay homage to baba. Due to developing tensions between the two nations, this practice was stopped some time back. It is also believed that the soil obtained from Chamri Wale Baba’s dargah cures skin diseases, especially psoriasis.