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ICC’s Unapologetic Reply To A Twitter User Is Like Well Thought Sarcasm

Updated on 4 September, 2018 at 3:30 pm By

The Champions Trophy is going on these days and cricket fans are divided over supporting their favourite team. Say, if we talk about the India-Pakistan match which was played at Edgbaston on June 4, fans left almost everything to watch the longtime rivalry between the two teams. India won the match by 124 runs.


A similar win by the Indian team was expected in the recent Champions trophy match played against Sri Lanka, on June 8 at the Oval. The Sri Lankan team won the match by 7 wickets. No one could have imagined that team India would lose the match this way.

On June 8, when the India-Sri Lanka match was on, the International Cricket Council tweeted a photo with a Sri Lankan fielder failing to keep pace with a shot from the Indian batsmen. Here’s what ICC tweeted;

ICC did not expect any backlash from the fans after they had posted that picture on Twitter. Though the tweet only had smileys and the Indian flag, it seems the tweet did not go down well with some people. One Twitter user named Ahmed questioned the ICC’s support for the Indian team and tweeted,


After being a victim of hatred, ICC replied in the most epic way ever:


By this tweet, ICC referred to the June 7 match between Pakistan and South Africa; in this match, Pakistan had won by 19 runs. ICC was trying to make Ahmed, the Twitter user, realize that on June 7, the ICC had cheered for Pakistan as well.

This was one good level of sarcasm by ICC. After this, the Twitter user did not post anything! Guess, he has understood what the ICC meant to say.

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