What If Chacha Chaudhary Becomes The Next Prime Minister Of India

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:21 pm


Chacha Chaudhary is a lovable comic character created and popularized by Pran. He is a middle class Indian, frail but an extremely intelligent old man who fights social evil with his brain sharper than a needle and faster than a super-computer. He helps common man by fighting anti-social elements and in addition gives out a moral lesson in the end. His companions are Chachi, Sabu, Rocket and many other funny characters.

We have had our share of funny politicians. What if it now the turn of Chacha Chaudhary to become the next prime minister of India?

12. A Witty And Intelligent Prime Minister

For the first time in the history of India, we would have a witty and intelligent prime minister who could solve our problems (questionable proposition) with common sense and with a touch of humor. His head gear would be a red turban, warning signal to the outlaws.

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A Witty And Intelligent Prime Minister

11. The Party Symbol – Belan

With constant nagging and threats, Bini Chachi made the golden belan the party symbol of Chacha Chaudhary’s political party – andhe log. She was very excited that finally she would get all the gold she desired through his new profession. Was there any politician who doesn’t make money?

 The Party Symbol - Belan

10. The Defense Minister –Sabu

Sabu is the new defense minister of India. Most of the unresolved issues of India with her neighbors could not be solved by anyone from this earth. So Sabu, who is from Jupiter takes up the job. Earlier when Sabu was angry a Volcano would erupt at some distant place in Jupiter, but now it erupts in our neighboring countries.

 The Defense Minister –Sabu

9. Vacancies Everywhere

Since Chacha Chaudhary banned under-table income for government officials, they resigned from their posts because it was as good as not working for the income they get. There were vacancies for government jobs everywhere now.

Vacancies Everywhere

8. Hu-Huba

Hu-huba, the chant of Sabu became the new mantra of the country. People shouted hu-huba during cricket matches, movies, holi, diwali and many other festivities. The cry made people strong from within and they enjoyed the strength it gave them.


7. Secret Double

Like every famous personality, Chacha Chaudhary now needed a secret double to protect him from attackers. Chhajju Chaudhary, his twin double who is not known to many became his secret double without much ado. Sssshhhh…


Secret Double

6. Adoption Of Street Dogs

Since Rocket is the pet dog of the P.M. who was once found as a stray dog; adoption of street dogs was widely promoted throughout the country. No more communalism, secularism was the agenda for party favors; it was the adoption of street dogs.

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Adoption Of Street Dogs

5. Declining Crime Rate

With Chacha Chaudhary fighting crime on large scale, the crime rate in the country came down drastically. Many people went to bed on empty stomach, making the P.M. ponder over his crackdown on crime. Was it fair to deprive his citizens of their main livelihood?

 Declining Crime Rate

4. Polka Dots

Polka dots came back in fashion in big way following the fashion statement of Bini Chachi. There were saris, dresses, salwar kameez, towels, bikinis, and even toilet papers in polka dots. The hairstyle of the 1970’s was also back in fashion in a big way.

Polka Dots

3. Kutte Kaminey

The dialogue ‘Kutte Kaminey blah blah” was banned in India. It was considered a crime to use words Kutte Kaminey in the same sentence because Kutte were not Kaminey. Rumors said that Chacha was under great influence of his dog Rocket to pass the bill.

Kutte Kaminey

2. Free Computers For Everyone

Since now the P.M. of the country had brains that worked faster than computer, the citizens were given free computers to keep up pace with his intelligence. Technology was promoted in a big way so that no citizen would be left behind in the progress the country was about to see.

If Chacha Chaudhary Becomes The Next Prime Minister Of India

1. Ticking Time

With the ticking pocket watch, the P.M. kept track of time. People in India were stranded everywhere since all the busses, trains and airplanes were arriving and departing on time. The citizens who were not used to this were left stranded everywhere. Chacha was wondering whether he should discard his pocket watch finally.

Ticking Time