13 Ways To Make Sure You’re The Centre Of Attention At A Party

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10:00 am 24 Feb, 2016

Want people to notice you in a party? Want to be the life of a party? Here are a few ways you can achieve that objective. Though perfection comes with practice, it’s never too late to start.


1. Look your best.

You don’t have to look like a model or apply lots of make-up. Simply wear the best dress from your closet, the right perfume, fix your hair and apply make-up (don’t overdo it).


2. Carry your infectious smile with you.

Put on a smile because that’s the best way to catch someone’s eye, but don’t have a fake smile as that might just make people drift away.


3. Be yourself.

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not as that is simply a put-off.


4. Make a grand entry.

When entering the party say something like ‘Look Who’s Here’ or ‘Hello, Friends’ to make everyone notice you instantly.


5. Crack a joke.

Humor wins most battles, so share your jokes and people will surely come to you to know what’s being said.


6. Talk loudly.

Don’t shout, just speak in a tone that stands out and is distinctive.


7. Move around.

Don’t sit or stand at one place for a long time. Your movement attracts attention.


8. Dance your heart out.

Show your moves and grab eyeballs.


9. Wear your confidence.

Your confidence and strong persona is sufficient for people to notice you.


10. Have good company.

A good gang of friends will grab all the attention as people start noticing the amount of fun you are having.


11. Be sociable.

Don’t just talk to your friends but also to people you’ve just met.


12. Be a good listener.

Don’t just go around talking but become a listener as well. It sure is what people in the party would want.


13. Let your hair down.

Well, not literally, but simply have fun!


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