Central Government Gives Final Answer, Says Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Died In 1945 Plane Crash

4:36 pm 31 May, 2017


Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is counted among those distinctive freedom fighters who successfully gave the British Raj a tough run. His disappearance/death has always been a highly debatable topic, where the government claims that Netaji died, his followers and family members have never taken these words at face value.

The Central Government has cleared the fact from their end and stated that Netaji died in 1945 in the Taiwan plane crash. The reply came addressing an RTI which inquired about his death.


The mystery surrounding his death refuses to die. The disagreement on the Government’s version of the story led to three different inquiries being set up. The answer given to the RTI inquiring about Netaji’s death has been made on the basis of reports given by these three inquiries: Shahnawaz Committee, Justice GD Khosla Commission, and the Mukherjee Commission.


Netaji’s great-grandson, Chandra Bose, has called it irresponsible on government’s part to call it official information without proof. Time and again, numerous questions concerning Netaji’s death have been posed. The answers, however, never were satisfactory as one of the theories suggests that Netaji spread his death hoax and lived his life fully and undercover as Gumnami Baba.



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