What If Celebs Opened Their Own Restaurants? We Guessed The Names They’d Choose

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6:14 pm 17 Dec, 2015

Five die-hard Salman fans – Rahul Kanal, Tabrez Shaikh, Sohail Siddique, Kursheed Khan and Zafar Sayed Yusuf – opened a restaurant ‘Bhaijaanz’ where the items in the menu are named after his movies. Full marks to Bhai-giri!

Our celebs earn chunks of money everyday and so, their bank balance needs liberation. So, what if they open their own restaurant chain? We cunningly imagined what they would name it:


1. Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh – The Bakchods

These two Bollywood bakchods are always together – whether it is ‘Koffee With Karan’, ‘AIB Roast’ or a flop Yash Raj film. As their acting careers are going nowhere, so the best option for them is to open a restaurant chain.

Hopefully, it would always be open for the Indian cricket team. What a khool idea!!


2. KRK – The Nightmares

Let’s forget his blogs and so-called opinionated videos, this picture of him is creepy enough to give you nightmares tonight. We all know he is a complete berozgar and the undisputed clown of social media. We wish he opens a nice restaurant where we can go when woken by our night terrors.


3. Shahrukh Khan – The Outsiders

From a nightmare to a beautiful dream, Shahrukh Khan has conquered everyone’s heart with his sheer talent and majestic smile for more than two decades, despite the fact that he’s not from a film family. This richie rich guy of cinema can open a restaurant in every corner of the country. It already sounds yummy.


4. Aditya Chopra – The Invisibles

Have you ever seen him? The obvious answer would be “No”. If you start searching for aliens, you might just find them but not this Yash Raj business tycoon. We would love to see both Rani and Aditya Chopra giving us cooking tips.


5. Navjot Singh Sidhu – The laughing cows

It doesn’t matter if a joke is funny or not, it is his fundamental duty to laugh. So, whenever he opens his restaurant, we all hope that each guest comes out with a smile.


6. Arvind Kejriwal – The Sweepers

Since AAP came, sweepers in India have gained more respect than anything. Arvind Kejriwal, not just once but twice, swept away both the BJP and Congress. If he accidentally resigns again due to political pressure, I think he will do well as a hotelier.


7. Rakhi Sawant – The Controversial

If your search for ‘Rakhi Sawant synonyms’ on Google, just one word pops up ‘controversy’. She has tried her luck (controversial luck) in every field but, you never know, she might actually succeed in this.



8. Narendra Modi – The Chaiwalas

The best place to eat during your acche din.



9. Sunny Leone – The Night Fantasies

Caution: This restaurant is open between 10 PM to 1 AM and porn stars can dine for free. Just imagine how much time we would have to wait to book a reservation here!

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