11 Celebrities Who Are Banned From Other Countries And Their Reasons

10:00 am 17 Jun, 2018


Many of us think actors and actresses or singers can travel to any country they like or want to because in our mind we think they are popular or influential and so they have the power or freedom to do that. But it’s not so. In fact, there are a lot of celebrities who can’t get many stamps on their passports. In other words, there are many celebrities out there who are banned from and can’t travel to certain foreign countries. While some are banned because of their erratic behavior or drugs and criminal-related issues, others are because of their music or lyrics or comments on certain issues or communities and other reasons.

In this article, we take a look at some of the celebrities from around the world who are banned from other countries and their various reasons. Have a look.

1. Lady Gaga- Indonesia

Lady Gaga is known for many things – her unconventionality and provocative work, flashy and odd outfits, controversial lyrics as well as visual experimentation. While many find this to be ‘great’ entertainment, other countries are highly against it. She was denied access to Indonesia due to her being too risqué. Islamic religious groups protested against her performing in the country, saying her music would “destroy the children’s sense of morality.” Not just that, Indonesia has gone on to say Lady Gaga’s songs have satanic lyrics and her influence would ruin their country.


2. Miley Cyrus- China

Miley Cyrus found herself in some pretty deep trouble after posting an inappropriate photo with her eyes slanted on her website. In the photo, the singer appears to be mocking Asian people by making her eyes slanted. As a result, Miley Cyrus was banned from China. China not only barred the singer, they also barred any broadcast of her TV shows, movies, as well as any of her merchandise.


3. The Beatles- Philippines

The Beatles were banned from the Philippines after they declined a breakfast invitation from the then first lady Imelda Marcos in 1966. They were also mobbed and attacked as they tried to board their plane out of the country.


4. Paris Hilton- Japan

Paris Hilton was banned from entering Japan following her drug violations in the United States. The heiress and reality star traveled to Japan to promote her fashion and fragrance line. As soon as she landed, she was immediately given the “no-go” to entering the country, as a result of her drug charges in the US. Japan has tough immigration guidelines when it comes to the entry of those convicted of drug charges.


5. Chris Brown- United Kingdom

Along with Canada and Australia, Great Britain temporarily denied Chris Brown entry to the country in 2011 as a result of his abuse against former girlfriend Rihanna.


6. 50 Cent- Canada

50 Cent was banned from entering Canada because his music promotes gun violence. No wonder, the rapper was also convicted of several crimes and was shot nine times in gang-related incidents. He also plays roles in films that are pro-violence.



7. Brad Pitt- China

Brad Pitt was banned from China for over 15 years due to his role in ‘Seven Years in Tibet’, a film that the Chinese government was particularly offended by due to their pro-Tibet views.


8. Alec Baldwin- the Philippines

Alec Baldwin has been forever banned from the Philippines over a remark he made in reference to mail-order brides, in other words, sex trafficking, at a television talk show in 2009. He joked about having more children by saying, “I’m thinking about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point or a Russian one.” As a result of his comment, he was forbidden from ever entering the country despite registering an apology.


9. Akon- Sri Lanka

Akon was banned from Sri Lanka after his ‘Sexy Chick’ music video with David Guetta features a large group of girls wearing bikinis in a pool, with a Buddha statue in the background. It has caused so much outrage in Sri Lanka and eventually led to the pair banned from the country.


10. Snoop Dogg- United Kingdom

Snoop Dogg and his posse once caused a ruckus in a London airport when they weren’t allowed into British Airlines’ first-class lounge. The group vandalized an area in the airport in protest. As a result, he was slapped with a lifetime ban from entering the United Kingdom, as well as flying with British Airlines. Snoop Dogg has also been banned from many other countries such as Australia, Norway, and The Netherlands, with the main reasons being drug-related issues and his extensive criminal record.


11. Beyonce- Malaysia

Beyonce was forever banned from touring, performing or even entering in Malaysia due to the strict Muslim leadership there which deemed the singer to be too provocative for their country.


Who else you know that are banned from other countries?