7 Indian Celebrities Who Shut Down Rude And Illogical Journalists Like A Boss

11:27 am 7 Apr, 2018


It’s tough to be a celebrity as they are always under scrutinizing eyes of the public and media. Needless to say, their personal space is often invaded as anything they do gets reported. Generally, the celebrities handle the situations quite gracefully. There are times when the reporters breach the line of decency to pose questions that are downright ridiculous, rude, and offensive. However, some of the skillful celebrities handle such questions like a boss. Here are some of them:

1. Sushant Singh Rajput




During the promotion of his film Raabta, he was asked about his thoughts on the imprisonment of Kulbhushan Jadhav by Pakistan. The actor replied that he doesn’t want to comment as he is not well-informed about this sensitive topic. A journalist tried to turn his reply into a controversy by saying that he cannot duck the question as it is a matter of national interest. He then firmly made his point that being a public figure doesn’t mean he will know everything and moved on to answer other questions.

2. Parineeti Chopra



During a Press Conference for her film “Shuddh Desi Romance,” a reporter dropped a question about sex before marriage. It was certainly very rude and sexist question as the reporter asked what she has to say about the fact that young girls enjoy sex but then they blame the boys for exploiting them. The actress gave a very befitting reply, calling the question ridiculous and disrespectful.

3. MS Dhoni



Popularly known as “Captain Cool,” this Indian cricketer is known for being calm and witty. However, there are times when the ridiculousness of the reporters can get on his nerves too. When asked when he was retiring by an international reporter, he calmly gave answers that shut everyone up. He asked the reporter “do you think I will play 2019 World Cup?” when the reporter said yes, he concluded the conversation by saying, “you have your answer.”

4. Vidya Balan



One of the most talented actresses, Vidya is equally skilled when it’s about handling stupid questions asked by reporters. One of the reporters asked her when she plans to lose weight to do a commercial film. To this sick and disgusting question, she answered: “I am very happy with what I do if your thinking process changes that would be great.”

5. Sonam Kapoor



This fashionista shut down a reporter asking about her alleged engagement in the most gracious way possible. She simply said she will not dignify the question by giving an answer.

6. Radhika Apte



Another talented actress who doesn’t shy away from sharing her mind, shut down a reporter asking about her leaked MMS containing nude images. She simply said that those who are insecure about their own body talk about others. She further added that the MMS controversies are made by people like the reporters who share and talk about an insignificant clipping.

7. Alia Bhatt


This actress has been the butt-of-jokes ever since she named  Prithviraj Chauhan as the president of India. However, when a journalist intentionally poked her about her knowledge of Holi, she snapped countering the reporter with multiple questions.


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