7 Celebrities Who Stood Up Against Body Shaming And Shut Down Trolls

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7:30 am 30 Jul, 2018


There are many celebrities who stood against body shaming. Right from Bhumi Pednekar to Vidya Balan, the B-town celebs have also provided us with lessons about body positivity. Seemingly, people have a better idea about others body and what it should be like rather than the person himself. Celebrities too are a victim of body shaming, more so than the common folk. But some have not taken it lying down. They shut people with their responses and even their work.

Here is a look at 7 such celebrities who stood against body shaming. They will certainly inspire you to see your true beauty.


1. Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar was probably the only actress in the industry to play the lead role of a plus size woman. She put on weight for her debut movie which speaks volumes about her dedication. By playing such a role she became an inspiration for body positivity and shut down all those who body shamed. Even today she continues to speak for plus size people and take a stand against body shaming.


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2. Bharti Singh

Comedian Bharti Singh said that she has been called out for being fat ever since she can remember. But she learnt to deal with such negativity and has spoken against such haters many times. Her successful career as a comedian is also proof of the fact that she doesn’t let such body shaming affect her life and choices.


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3. Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan is one of the most successful female actors in Bollywood since the past decade. She achieved this feat despite having an unconventional body. She has spoken about body positivity and stood up against those who made fun at her body’s expense, on several occasions. We can and should learn how to accept our body the way it is from this lady who has been given the title of ‘Lady Khan of Bollywood’.


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4. Mallika Dua


Mallika Dua came into limelight through her controversy with Akshay Kumar. But that’s not the only time she raised her voice against objectification of women. She has always been confident about her body, despite having an unconventional figure and teaches us all a lesson or two about body positivity and how to stand up against those who body shame. In an an interview when she was asked what is her answer to those who body shame her, she said, “See I am healthy and that’s what matters. As long as I am not hurting my limbs, I am good to go. I don’t want to ascribe to some random beauty standards.”


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5. Supriya Joshi

Creative Writer and stand-up comedian Supriya Joshi was tagged in memes which made fun of fat people. Instead of keeping quiet about it or feeling bad about herself, she fiercely shut down the people who were making fun of her in a series of tweets. She even talks about the importance of loving oneself, body positivity and the ways to deal with body shaming on a number of occasions.



6. Sumukhi Suresh

She is another celebrity in the comedy circuit who exurbs confidence despite her heavy body and stands against those who make fun of fat people. Her successful career as a stand-up comic, actor and a writer are also proof of the fact that you don’t need to have a perfect body in order to have a perfect personal life and a perfect professional life.in an interview, when asked about dealing with body shaming, she said, “Earlier being chubby meant that you should be funny. But I think times have changed. Today, people accept you regardless of how you look. And I don’t think anyone reacts to fat jokes anymore. Also, I feel comedians across are taking a conscious effort to not use body form or specific sex to crack jokes. This self-awareness is a great thing. I hope the trend continues for long.”


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7. Shika Talsania

Shikha Talsania herself said that she wants to be a representative of the plus size women in the country. It was during the making of Veere Di Wedding that Shikha, who is a major character in the movie, was sent a hurl of abuses body shaming her and calling her ‘moti’ and then going on to say that this was biggest gaali he could give to her. Shikha, instead of taking it silently, responded by saying, ‘kintu, parantu, bandhu, here’s a hug to you’.


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These are the celebrities who stood against body shaming and taught us ‘My body, my rules’ to people who seem to be unhappy with way others bodies are shaped.