17 Celebrities Who Died Due To Drug Overdose

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10:00 am 12 Nov, 2015


Drinking too much and taking too many drugs can be destructive for a person’s life, and may ultimately lead to loss of life.


1. Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood’s greatest sex symbol was found dead in her bedroom after consuming too many anti-depressant pills. It is believed she committed suicide.



2. Amy Winehouse

Known for her deep vocals and electric mix, Amy Winehouse died due to alcohol intoxication, though her brother claimed, “It was her eating disorder which killed her.”


3. Peaches Geldof

Geldof died at the age of 25 at her home and it was officially declared that she died due to an overdose of heroin. Sadly, Geldof’s mother also died due to heroin overdose in 2000.


4. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s death left the world in shock. It was verified that he died of serious propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication and suffered a cardiac arrest at his home.


5. Whitney Houston

Accidental drowning due to cardiac arrest and cocaine use was the reason behind the death of Whitney Houston. However, there were traces of cocaine used prior to death as well as minor levels of Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax.


6. Kurt Cobain

Due to a suicide note found in his room, it is believed that Kurt Cobain killed himself. But there were high concentrations of heroin and traces of diazepam found in his body, which makes people believe he overdosed.


7. Jimi Hendrix

Guitarist Jimi Hendrix was arrested in 1969 for possessing heroin but died the next year due to drug overdose.


8. Guru Dutt

After being in news for his relationship with Wheeda Rahman, Guru Dutt was found dead in his bed due to drug overdose. He died due to an incautious intake of sleeping pills and alcohol the same night.


9. Elvis Presley

The king of rock music died due to irregular heartbeats which occured after taking prescription drugs including codeine, Valium, morphine, and Demerol.


10. Philip Seymour Hoffman

One among the leading actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead by his friend. The medical examiner said that it was due to mixture of heroin, cocaine and amphetamines that Hoffman lost his life.


11. Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious died in his sleep after a party due to over consumption of heroin in a short span of time. Later, it was revealed that the drugs were provided to him by his own mother.


12. Lisa Robin Kelly

Lisa Robin Kelly died at the age of 43 due to multiple drug intoxication. It was said that Lisa had been a drug addict for quite a while.


13. Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room due to an overdose of heroin and alcohol.


14. Dee Dee Ramone

The lead songwriter of punk rock band The Ramones, Dee Dee Ramone was found dead due to a heroin overdose in a musician’s apartment.


15. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was found dead in his bathtub. Most people believe he died due to an overdose of heroin, which he accidentally sniffed believing it to be cocaine.


16. Paula Yate

Earlier it was said Paula Yate, the partner of Michael Hutchence, died in a suicide attempt but finally it was publicized that she lost her life due to an overdose of heroin.


17. Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith’s dead was tragic news to the world. She was found dead due to a lethal combination of the sedative chloral hydrate and various benzodiazepines including Valium.



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