Bollywood Celebrities Are Supporting Salman Khan Despite Him Being A Convicted Criminal

1:25 pm 6 Apr, 2018


It’s not a secret that Salman Khan is one of the most influential names in the Hindi film industry. There have been many instances where he toppled the career of others who were trying to make their mark in Bollywood, over disagreements.




On April 5, he was sentenced to 5-year jail term by the Jodhpur Court for killing two blackbucks in 1998. Though it’s a case of justice served late, his colleagues seem to disagree with the same. Many came out openly in his support that included celebrities from film and television.


Here are some of the tweets from celebrated personalities of Bollywood who supported Salman and felt ‘sad’ over his conviction:









While attending an event, Rani Mukerji commented:

“I always say this, my love will always be with him.”

Also, the TV personalities weren’t far behind to show their love and support for ‘Bhai’. Read their tweets here:














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