12 Celebrities And The Spirit Animals Behind Their Personalities

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Updated on 28 Oct, 2015 at 4:22 pm


Behind every successful celebrity there is a spirit animal; hidden for the most part, these spirit animals sometimes end up revealing themselves in the flashes of a camera.  Luckily for you, we were there, noticing things, joining the dots but never just making stuff up. Here’s what we uncovered:


1. We have rarely seen anyone as excited as Aishwarya Rai, apart from her spirit animal raccoon that is.  Aishwarya Raccoon


2. Ranvir Singh gets his skeptical side from this dog, who seems to be questioning everything we stand for.

Ranvir Singh Dog



3. This parrot, who has moments of intense amazement, turned out to be Katrina Kaif’s spirit animal.

Katrina Parrot


4. ‘A kiss is just a kiss’ prove Alia and Deepika, taking their cues from these giraffes.

Alia Deepika Giraffes Kiss


5. This bearded dragon not only inspired Ranbir Kapoor’s beard but also his nonchalant hand gestures.

Ranbir Bearded Dragon


6. So, do we need to explain the obvious bond between Arjun Kapoor and this stylish monkey?

Arjun Kapoor Monkey


7. Salman Khan kept his shocked cat side hidden pretty well, but he couldn’t dodge us.

Salman Khan Cat


8. Notice the Cassowary’s expression, as if to say, “Sonam, inspiring is different from downright copying.”

Sonam Cassowary


9. Shahid Kapoor looks upset that we figured out his hairstyles are inspired by his spirit animal llama.
Shahid Kapoor Llama


10. Nawazuddin Siqqui learned to be photogenic in natural surroundings from this fox. Nawauddin Siddiqui Fox


11. When you’re Kangana Ranaut, it isn’t enough to have one spirit animal, you need a whole herd of them. Kangana Ranaut Sheep


12. Since no real animal wanted to be responsible for KRK’s madness, this monkey with a gun was created to help take some of the blame. KRK Monkey



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