Here Are Some Ways To Celebrate Diwali In A Different And Meaningful Manner

6:53 pm 6 Nov, 2018


Do you ever wonder how we celebrate Diwali can help make a huge difference in the world? Well, before that, I would like to, first of all, hear from you a few answers. How do you celebrate Diwali, I mean every year? What are you doing this Diwali? Are you just going to wake up and wait till the sun sets and then burst crackers. Or, are you just planning to relish the food that your mother cook for you or hang out with your friends? There are many ways to celebrate Diwali in a meaningful manner.

Well, growing up in a far-flung region of the country where the culture, tradition, and lifestyles of the people are completely different from the rest of the country, I wonder how good, beautiful and meaningful it will be if we celebrate it in a proper manner. Well, while everyone celebrates it through fireworks, lights, flowers, and sharing of sweets, here I bring you some of the ways to celebrate Diwali in a different manner which will make it memorable for you.


If you are an employer


Instead of buying and giving gifts just for the sake of giving, ask and get to know what your employees/staff/driver/maid need or required in their homes or in their life and do that for them.



Burn out evil, not crackers!

Burn out the evil or bad things in you, not just light up your home or burst crackers. Make use of that money that you would spend on crackers, and sponsor some children’s education or visit hospitals and give it to poor patients. Imagine, how much you can do or help with the money you spent on crackers.



Spread happiness, not pollution

Walk into the kitchen and help your wife, mother or sister and do the work. Spend some time with the family members to understand them better. Visit some poor children in your locality or city who cannot even buy a candle, let alone buying the crackers.



Be considerate of your surroundings

Imagine, where do street dogs, pets, birds and other creatures hide when loud crackers are burst almost through the night. Yes, celebrations should not damage our ecosystem or cause pain and injury to defenseless vulnerable creatures.



Buy at least something from poor vendors

This will certainly give a smile on their faces and help them celebrate the festival better.




Yes, dear friends, Diwali is just around the corner and we are all getting ready to celebrate it big time with friends and family. And so I humbly request you all to please take a moment to think of the above points to make you celebrate the festival of lights in a meaningful way. Can you do that? Let’s do things and celebrate in a manner that would make others smile and make us feel happy and content. Happy Diwali to everyone!

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