CCTV Footage Of A Couple Romancing In An Office Is Going Insanely Viral

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3:02 pm 24 Nov, 2016

In a CCTV video which is going viral on social media these days, a couple is seen romancing in an office waiting room area after initially pretending to be strangers.

Though the CCTV video shows it is over five years old, it was recently uploaded on YouTube by a user.

The couple initially sit apart from each other, but slowly move closer and are soon are seen holding hands and stealing kisses while the guy animatedly talks.

By the looks of things, they would have taken it much further, if not for the man who walks in at the end, putting a damper on their plans.

The identity of the duo or the location of the office is still not known, nor is it clear if they knew each other from before or were complete strangers.


We have removed the video in accordance with TopYaps’ policy on privacy.

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