Beware! CBI Is Trying To Track All Your Photos On Social Media

2:27 pm 3 Jan, 2019


Do you too have a habit of putting all your personal photos on social media? Then you must read this. According to a report, the CBI has issued a notice to all the social media websites and apps, and asked them to use a photo-tracking technology called PhotoDNA, which is an intrusive tech. The Central Bureau Of Investigation wants the social media companies to scan all the photos on their database, match them with the faces of certain suspects, and track them, using PhotoDNA.

While this might help CBI to nab certain suspects (although having a photo on social media does not mean having a live location history on the same platform), it is a clear violation of the right to privacy of the citizens, and infringement of their internet freedom.



What is PhotoDNA


PhotoDNA is a software-based technology designed and owned by Microsoft, with the sole purpose of finding child exploitation pictures. (Seems like Bill Gates is not liking the idea of only Mark Zuckerberg having all the information of users and wants to compete!). This software creates a digital signature by using a database of images, scans them against the images on social media platforms to find and flag photos regarding child pornography and cases of abuse.



CBI wants to use it for regular cases as well!

As stated earlier, PhotoDNA is being used exclusively for child pornography and abuse cases, but now, CBI wants to use it for all the cases! As per reports, CBI has issued a notice along with a few photographs to social media companies, and asked them to use this intrusive technology to find matches on their platform. The notice says:


“The said information is required very urgently for the purpose of the investigation.”




The use of this tech raises a legitimate concern over the privacy of the citizens of India and their internet freedom, as it will scan all the photos of users on social media. However, it is unclear if it will add the scanned photos to its database. It is also not confirmed if the social media companies have approved the request made by CBI. (But we all know that government has ways to make them comply!). What do you think about this? Tell us in comments!

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