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Cattle Roaming Free On Roads And Railway Platforms Pose A Serious Problem

Published on 9 September, 2016 at 7:26 pm By

While one brigade works very hard to ensure that no one does anything to cows, they overlook what actually happens to these creatures on a daily basis on Indian roads. Aptly called “cattle menace”, these free roaming cattle constantly block roads and footpaths and, as a result, they are often injured by speeding vehicles or hit with sticks to get them to clear the road.

Authorities don’t seem to be worried about the lives of these cattle or citizens as road accidents involving cattle are reportedly almost daily in various parts of the country. This was the state of the Kanpur-Bhopal highway recently, as cows blocked the road and commuters had to wait:


Cattle on highway


At the Kanpur Central Railway Station, a free-roaming bull was seen foraging for food. In the presence of railway authorities, this bull continued to roam the station as passengers ducked away from it.

Kanpur railway station bull


Looks like once elevated to the status of godly creatures, people are hoping cattle will be able to perform a miracle for themselves.

Kanpur Bhopal Highway


Origin: SUNO, SUNO



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