Cartoon Strips On This Instagram Profile Is All About Capturing The Meaning Of True Love

4:12 pm 9 Jan, 2019


One of my favorite quotes about love starts with the lines ‘Love is patient, love is kind.’ However, I am always inclined to add a few more words. For me, love is not only patient and kind; it is also funny, mysterious, and fantastic. For me the little moments in one’s life defines true love. Naturally, I am not the only one who thinks like that! Recently, I stumbled on this Instagram page (Catana Comics) by Catana Chetwynd. Each cartoon strip in this page showcases the true meaning of the wonderful gift called love.

Catana Chetwynd is an American cartoonist and illustrator. She started Catana Comics inspired by her relationship with her boyfriend. She started documenting their daily life in form of cartoon strips and it struck the right chord with the audiences.



True meaning of love by Catana Chetwynd


Each cartoon strip she shares is simple with easy to read content. However, the feelings expressed in them are absolutely intense. They cover a wide range of emotions from funny to sad. We are sure you will absolutely love each cartoon strip posted in Catana Comics.


Catana Chetwynd's cartoon on love


Without further delay, let us show you a few cartoons from her Insta page. Let us start with the one where the lady in the cartoon warms herself on a cold day in the most adorable way possible.


Cartoon created by illustration artist Catana Chetwynd


The random car dance!


Love lies in little things, comics by Catan


When your partner is the best gift!


Meaning of little things by Catana Chetwynd


You look like a bear, but I still love you


Cartoon on love created by Catana Chetwynd


Together, we are best


The cartoon strips by Catana Chetwynd


Love means loving their flaws too!


Catana Chetwynd's cartoon on Catana Comics


Your love is always there with me


Catana Chetwynd's cartoon


The fun of the weekend


Cartoon strips by Catana Chetwynd


There are more than 200 cartoon strips posted by Catana Chetwynd on her Instagram page Catana Comics. Each of them will certainly fill your heart with warmth. She also published the cartoons in a book form titles, Little Moments of Love. We are sure you want to hug your significant other a little tighter today! Certainly, their presence in your life is a blessing. Don’t forget to tell us the cartoon strip you liked the most!


Images Source: Instagram

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