Here’s Proof That Caste Plays No Role In The Success Of A Start-up Founder

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8:47 pm 20 Oct, 2015


While scrolling down my Facebook feeds like we do regularly, I came across the image of a list containing the names of some start-up founders.

The words ‘CEO’ and ‘Founder’ got me hooked and I clicked on it with interest. This is what it was:





But what took me by surprise was this implicit question.


Allow me to translate what Mr. Kumar wrote in his post.

“Youth from IITs, IIMs and other institutions brought a new trend of start-ups in India and entered the list of billionaires. Beside their education and competency, there are other similarities in this list. Can you tell: What is common in them????”


The answers Mr. Kumar’s question got should not be surprising to most of us.

The “M J Xavier Sir” Mr. Kumar wrote about had shared the post before him triggering a wave of comments.


But it was neither Mr. Kumar nor Mr. Xavier who should be credited for making such an “insightful” observation.

Credit should go to a dude called Ritam Bhatnagar who discovered the real identities of the start-up heroes.

In a caste-obsessed country such as ours, such questions or assertions will obviously evoke the above responses.

Implicitly or explicitly the above posts and commentators claimed that it is a particular caste that excels in entrepreneurship.

We strongly disagree.

What the image did was selective cherry-picking from an orchard full of cherries.

Billionaires, Mr. Kumar? Only two of them are collectively in this year’s Forbes rich list – Flipkart’s Sachin and Binny Bansal with a net worth of $1.3 billion each.

This is why we decided to dig up the names of those who have done very well in the world of start-ups whether or not they share any of those surnames.

And for the sake of our caste loving people, we classified them as Marwadis and non-Marwadis.





The IITs/IIMs have a good concentration of Marwaris – the Bansals and Aggarwals. All of the Bansals in the list have received IIT/IIM education. It is because of this that you see them doing well in such enterprises.