In a noble gesture to support children undergoing cancer treatment, a Brazilian nonprofit organization GRAACC has launched a salutary campaign. Teamed up with cartoonists, this cancer charity is publicizing famous cartoon characters with their heads shaved. This step has been taken to cheer up children who have to go bald during chemotherapy.

The experiment has been widely appreciated since its launching. The baldness of Garfield, Popeye, Hello Kitty and other popular toons has encouraged cancer battling children to rejoin group of friends which they have left or started avoiding after being bullied.


bald cartoons


Olive Oyl bald child cancer


Neymar cartoon goes bald


laerte bald


Hello Kitty bald


bald cartoons


Garfield bald child cancer


Galinha cartoon


cocorico bald


Snoopy bald


Popeye bald


peixonauta bald