Local People Come Together To Look For Missing Schoolgirl After Assam Landslides

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Updated on 28 May, 2016 at 6:19 pm


People of Nchureloa village in Mahur, Assam have been carrying out a search operation for a missing schoolgirl, Caroline Rongmei.

Assam has been witnessing landslides at several places after heavy rains hit Dima Hasao. In many places, land and train services have been completely cut off. Seven people (including a family of five) died in three landslide incidents this week.

Caroline Rongmei Search Operation


Caroline Rongmei is a nine-year-old student who was swept away by a landslide on 17 May as she was on her way to school.

Despite the fact that news sites like the hindu, nelive, and thehansindia are reporting the missing girl as a casualty, residents in the area have continued in their attempt to find the little girl.


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