These Guys Combined Carnatic Music And GOT Theme To Produce The Best Cover Ever

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8:19 pm 28 Apr, 2016


We have heard of ‘n’ numbers of Game of Thrones theme covers. While some of them were indeed better than the original, others were as bad as a crow’s caw. But this one, done by six extremely talented engineering graduates, is by far the best. Why, you ask? Because when you combine the mellifluousness of Carnatic music with the most identifiable theme song of our times you get a track that you can set on a loop.

The boys named their band Hamsadhwani Fusion. Hamsadhwani, which is Sanskrit for sound of swans, is the name of a raga in Carnatic music.

Oh, and listen to the flute; it’s enchanting. Enjoy!

Credit: Hamsadhwani Fusion Band


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