Carlsberg Puts Up The Most Awesome Billboard Ever, And Gives Out Free Beer In London

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:04 pm

If advertising could be taken to the next level, then Carlsberg nailed it. Totally!

The Danish brewer has installed a beer-dispensing billboard in London. Yes, you read it right!


The billboard, which gives out free beer, has been put up with help from an ad agency, Fold7, and design company, Mission Media.


Emblazoned with headline, “Probably the best poster in the world”, it stood up to its word.


Though Coco-Cola did a similar advertising recently, Carlsberg took it to next level.

Well, we all know, beer is beer!


Not only the free beer dispenser is attractive, the Danish brewer has also made sure that ‘people drink responsibly’. For that, it has people to monitor the drinkers, making sure no one is under 18. Also, only one drink is allowed per person.


While London might be enjoying all that free beer, we can only wish we could enjoy that, too, because the words “free” and “beer” have this effect on us.