12 Interesting Careers That Let You Earn And Travel

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Updated on 2 Nov, 2015 at 3:23 pm


Every person has a dream to see the world but not everyone gets a chance to make this wish come true. This mainly happens because of financial constraints and the necessity of survival. But did you know you could actually make travelling a part of your profession? Here are 12 careers which let you earn and make a living while fulfilling your dream of travelling the world.

1. Writing or blogging

Yes, there is a hoard of bloggers and writers but very few can be called successful in their field. Brushing up your skills of writing and marketing yourself as a blogger over the internet can bring you good moolah while enjoying the bounty of the world.


2. Graphic designing


We are not talking about full time graphic designing here. Freelance graphic designers are hired for projects and are required to work from home. This way your home can be any place – from Egypt to Vietnam!


3. Social media executive

Social media executives are being appointed in large numbers these days due to the widespread trend of advertising and marketing over social media. It’s like posting a few ads on Facebook pages or Twitter accounts of a company and earning a good amount in return.


4. Trip leader

Travel firms provide a chance to hardcore travellers to become a trip leader for their company and take people to exotic places. You get paid for the job and get free or sponsored trips to the places you are taking your troops.


5. Tour guide

Trip leaders and guides are different people. They have different jobs to perform. While a trip leader looks into the comfortable arrangements for the troops, a guide actually shows them places. You can offer yourself as a guide of a place if you know the details of the area.


6. Social work

Social work involves a lot of field work. You need to visit places by yourself to make sure that the welfare work is being done properly. Volunteering for good NGOs may take you on international trips as well.


7. Archaeology

Archaeologists need to travel the world in search of historical evidence. These trips are mostly sponsored by research institutes for which they are working. For the ones who like to know the world a bit better through its past, archaeology is a great field to explore.


8. Marketing

Marketing is essentially a travel job with a slightly corporate name. This career option requires you to go places so as to promote your product or service. If you have good convincing skills, then, this might be the perfect job for you.


9. Public relations

Every company, whether large or small, needs a public relation officer to manage its relations with other companies and people and to keep up the good name of the same in the market. For this too, travel is a necessity and is therefore a great career option for the wanderer.


10. Foreign services

You are in need of a government job for financial security purpose but you want to see the world too. This is made possible if you crack a foreign services test and work in different countries, representing your nation.


11. Driving

If you don’t care much about the designation of your job and have an open mind about all sorts of careers, this one might be a nice option for you. You can drive to distant places, get paid for the fuel and also earn extra bucks to spend on the places you visit. What else do you want?


12. Photography

Some great clicks get recognized by top magazines like ‘Nat Geo Travel’, ‘Lonely Planet’, etc. These magazines pay a good amount for perfect shots. All you need to be is a good photographer and you are good to go. Travel, click and get paid!


Every career needs good amount of hard work so as to reach the peak of success in whichever field one chooses. For passionate travelers out there, the above set of career options are a must to be pondered upon while choosing the right job for yourself.



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