Stephen Hawking Left Behind Three Children, And They Are As Accomplished As Their Father

4:35 pm 3 Apr, 2018


The world’s greatest scientist, renowned theoretical physicist, and cosmologist, Stephen Hawing, died on March 14, 2018, at the age of 76. He was one of the most brilliant and recognised scientists the world had ever seen, and on many counts, left the world astounded with his theories, including ‘The Black Hole‘ one.



Dr Stephen left behind his three adult children and a former ex-wife who bore them – and they are carrying on his legacy through their respective careers. The 76-year-old had two sons, Timothy and Robert, and a daughter, Lucy, from his first marriage to his university sweetheart Jane Wilde.



On March 31, 2018, was the great man’s funeral which was held in Cambridge along with hundreds of mourners inside the church and thousands more lined on the streets.



A statement on behalf of his children read: “On behalf of our whole family we want to express our huge gratitude to all the wonderful tributes to our father and to those who have sent us messages of condolence”. They further added:

“Our father lived and worked in Cambridge for over 50 years. He was an integral and highly recognisable part of the university and the city. For this reason, we have decided to hold his funeral in the city that he loved so much and which loved him.”



His three children from his 30-year marriage were in tears as the funeral procession took place and they sobbed uncontrollably. But we know very less about them. Here’s what each one of them does in their respective lives:


Timothy Hawking – a marketing expert at Lego.



Timothy was born in April 1979 and reports indicate he didn’t have a happy childhood compared to his siblings. The 38-year-old graduated from Exeter University in Spanish and French and currently works for toy firm Lego as a loyalty executive. He missed a great amount of his childhood interaction with Stephen, after his father lost his voice due to the effects of motor neuron disease. But after a cold start, the father-son duo bonded in after years.



Even though their relationship was strained due his father’s deteriorating speech, Timothy was proud of his father’s honour in the Hollywood flick ‘The Theory of Everything‘ and it showed on his face:



He also confessed how he used to programme swear words into his father’s speech machine and played pranks on him.


The 38-year-old is Prof. Hawking’s youngest child. Tim promotes the Lego brand he works for, through long-term strategies and partnerships with other firms, according to his LinkedIn profile.


Robert Hawking – a computer geek at Microsoft.



50-year-old Robert is a software engineer specialist at Microsoft and the eldest child of Stephen and his ex-wife Jane. He was born in May 1967. As an older child, Robert helped Jane in taking care of her husband, as his condition worsened. He was so dedicated in taking care of Stephen, that his mother once said: “He had to do things for his father that children really shouldn’t have to do.”


Robert with his mum Jane and sister Lucy mirror


He initially showed signs of being interested in science, but later shifted his focus to becoming a successful software engineer. He’s currently living in Seattle with his wife and two kids.



 In the year 2014, he took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on behalf of his father, while Stephen looked on. Check out the throwback video:



Lucy Hawking – an accomplished children’s author



Born in November 1970, Lucy is a journalist-turned-author and writer for children. The 47-year-old has studied French and Russian at Oxford University. Almost all of Lucy’s children’s books and articles have been centred around the theme of teaching science and education to children. Her most widely read book was George’s Secret Key to the Universe, which got translated into 38 languages and got published in 43 countries!



At her father’s funeral, the author was understandably emotional during her final goodbye to her late father. She looked gloomy and lost in her sad emotions of her dear father’s memory.



Prior to her stint as a successful children’s book author, she studied journalism at City University, but realised her calling was that of a writer. In fact, George’s Secret Key to the Universe is an adventure story written with her late father.



Lucy published four other books following the adventures of George. She was married to Alex Mackenzie Smith whom she divorced in 2004. They have a son named William.


At the funeral, Hollywood actor Eddie Redmayne, who played the role of Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything‘, read a poignant bible passage about time, as his tribute to his mentor.

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Cambridge to pay their last respects to the greatest scientist ever known. RIP, Stephen Hawking.




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