Alia Bhatt Has A Second Career Option Besides Acting Which Will Surely Leave You Speechless!

6:06 pm 26 Jul, 2018


Alia Bhatt has earned an enviable position in the Bollywood industry. From ‘Student of the Year‘ to her recent blockbuster ‘Raazi‘, her journey and growth as an actor have been phenomenal. When it comes to the onscreen presence, this star is a force to reckon with. But who said that being an actress only means that you have to confine your talent?

Apparently, Alia Bhatt has a hidden talent besides acting, which we were unaware of till now. I mean who could have ever imagined that she could be this gifted and multitalented.



This talent of hers is painting! You heard that right! It seems that Alia had the talent for painting since childhood. This is for the first time that we are hearing about this and it’s a pleasant surprise!



In fact, her mother, actress-filmmaker Soni Razdan recently shared a picture of the painting made by Alia in her childhood, via her official Instagram handle. Her mom captioned the picture as “Alia did this for her IB as one of her subjects was art. I do think she has an alternate career here somewhere if she so chooses”.




Take a look at the picture, isn’t it marvelous?



It seems that the painting is that of a ballerina. From the choice of colors to the beautiful posture in which the ballerina stands, this painting looks totally professional. After her mother shared the picture of the painting, netizens showered their praises and complimented Alia. The mother-daughter duo was last seen in the movie ‘Raazi‘.

See what netizens had to say about Alia Bhatt and her talent:





Well, the painting is undoubtedly nice! What do you think?