Career As A Chef In India: 5 Things You Can Expect

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:41 pm


The overwhelming growth of the hospitality industry all over the world has tremendously increased the demand for specialized chefs both in India and abroad. A Chef’s profession today is looked upon as one of the most sought after jobs owing to the high opportunities of making good bucks. Becoming a seasoned chef, one can not only serve some of the best and mouth-watering delicacies, but also earn a great fortune if you enter some of the most sorted and high-profile restaurants and hotels. Great food and spices form the integral part of Indian culture therefore India is one of the best places that offers a prodigious scope for the chef’s to flourish in their profession. After all being a chef is one profession, where you can win many heats instantly by means of excellent cooking and extravagant presentation. So what more can you expect from your career as a Chef in India? Read along to know more!

5. You’ll definitely Find more Men than Women in Commercial Kitchens throughout India

With the exponential growth of the culinary industry, the demand for good chefs is also on a continuous rise. Cooking today is no more limited to the walls of your home kitchens, but is in-fact adorning diverse arenas. Moreover, cooking is no more symbolized strictly as a women’s preservative, as the list of some of the seasoned and most renowned chef’s all over the globe include men too. The hospitality industry is on a boom and so is the demand for great chefs. The employment rate for chefs has doubled compared in the last decade. Irrespective of the size of any outlet, each one favors to employ professional chefs to enhance the quality of their food being served. Career As A Chef In India: 5 Things You Can Expect

4. Chefs Are Needed Everywhere, On The Road And In The Air

The sky is the limit for the good Indian Chefs today. There is actually no dearth for well trained & good chefs all over the globe. These are immense opportunities waiting for the Indian chefs in majority of the seasoned and well established air catering units, food processing industries, railways, restaurants, confectionaries, residential institutions, cruise liner, corporate catering, hotels and many more places. The best part about the chef’s profession is that they never get to encounter the economic variation, as no matter what situation be, people will never stop craving for good & quality food. Gathering your experience of over several years, you can even come up with your very own food journals or cook book. You even have the option to open up your very own restaurant. Career As A Chef In India: 5 Things You Can Expect

3. Specializing in More Than One World Cuisine Is Always A Plus


The efficiency of any chef can be instantly recognized by the presentation and quality of food they present to their customers. A chef not only needs to be versatile in his cooking, but should also be familiar with the cuisines of various other nationalities. Typically, French, Italian, Continental and Chinese are the favorites in major cities across the world. Therefore it is important for every prospective chef to select their area of specialization according to their interest in confectionary, cold kitchen or hot kitchen. Career As A Chef In India: 5 Things You Can Expect

2. There’s plenty Of Scope to Earn Big Money as Chef

A beginner chef undergoing kitchen training can expect to earn somewhere in between ten thousand to fifteen thousand per month. As you begin to move up the ranks, your pay scale also increases to a monthly handsome salary of forty thousand to fifty thousand. Some of the most renowned and star restaurants and hotels offer generous pay packages to their chefs, example an administrative chef in a 4 or 5-star hotel earns somewhere between 1lakh to 2lakh rupees per month. While leading players of the hospitality industry pay their chefs as much as 50lakhs per month. Career As A Chef In India: 5 Things You Can Expect

1. No Doubt it’s one of the most challenging Professions to Pursue

While the brighter side of becoming a chef includes enhancing & displaying your creative skills, thinking out of the box, hefty remuneration and you get to experience your own share of glamour & glitz. The dark side on the other hand includes your long schedule of undecided working hours, requirement of infinite stamina, constantly challenging work environment and you have no space to commit mistakes. These pros and cons however imply to all the chefs throughout the world. Career As A Chef In India: 5 Things You Can Expect