This Is What Will Happen If See A Coin Jammed Into Your Car Door

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2:24 pm 24 Jul, 2018


If you have ever bought a car, you will know how much hard-earned money goes into buying it. Thus, cars are really precious and close to our heart.  Plus, our job doesn’t end when we buy it, as these machines require maintenance in the best possible way. Even their safety is of prime importance because losing it will be a huge loss. Nowadays, we hear numerous cases of car thefts, so, it becomes our responsibility to safeguard it.

The recent incidents show that thieves are putting a coin in the gap of car doors.  This jams the door, and the central key locking system stops working.


So, when you will lock the car with your car key at the end of the day for a good night sleep,  the car will actually remain unlocked.


This way, the robbers will have plenty of time to get in your vehicle overnight and steal all your valuable possessions, or even steal the car itself with the help of a master key.




So guys, keep a good check on your car doors regularly and keep your car safe. Do share this message with your friends so that they can be aware of this, too.