You Won’t Believe How Easily Thieves Can Hack Into Your Car Keys, But Foil Can Be Your Saviour

5:44 pm 18 Apr, 2018


The global market for anti-theft technologies for vehicles is booming and the reason is an excessive rise in the incidents of car theft. Despite new advances, criminals are coming up with ways that constantly put your vehicle in a vulnerable spot. The recent situation faced by a software engineer from Bristo proves the same.



Kieran Bingham recently shared a post on ‘relay’ attack after an incident with their car. Habitually, they locked their car at night only to find it open the next day. The items inside were scattered and a small amount of money stolen. Following the incident, the engineer decided to share his story and also spread awareness about this specific type of attack. He received an overwhelming amount of response establishing the fact that this way of theft is not at all uncommon.


In ‘relay’ attack, the thieves use a high-end device to pick the signal of the key fob and open the car. They boost the range of the key fob and fools the car mechanism to get access. This way they can actually open your car even when the key is inside the house. In his post, he explained:

“They hold one end near the car and put the other end near to the front door, to try and pick up the signal from the keys inside.”

Thus, as a prevention measure, he advises keeping the keys wrapped in foil which will restrict any device from finding the fob signal. He also suggests that you can opt for special pouches designed for this specific purpose.


Here is a video of buglers using the device to steal a car:



Are you going to foil wrap your key too?

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