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Captain Nick: Journey From A Radio Intern To A YouTuber With Millions Of Views

Published on 14 November, 2018 at 12:34 pm By

Niharicka Singh or popularly known as Captain Nick is simply hilarious. She is one among the few female YouTubers in India who are making it big in this otherwise male-dominated world. Keeping the topic of sexism aside, let’s talk about this social media sensation who started her career as an intern in Radiocity 91.1 FM. For about 6-months she entertained Mumbai with her show Kasa kai Mumbai before exploring her career in other fields.


Finally, Captain Nick took a plunge into the world of social media with her YouTube channel. Crossing the initial hurdles she now proudly boasts more than 160k followers. We know you are eager to know more about this lady. However, let us take you through some of the gorgeous images of this beauty with brains. Let’s start with the one where she is rocking a fusion attire.


Captain Nick in ethnic


Captain Nick busy in makeup?

Captain Nick


Having fun with a friend


Captain Nick with a friend


Like a boss!

Captain Nick YouTuber


Biker lady!

Niharicka Singh YouTuber with bike


One with the family

Captain nick with family


1. The family members

On her social media handles, Niharicka Singh often shares pictures with her family. Mainly with her mother and brother, her captions always portray the strong bond she shares with her family.


Captain Nick with her mother


2. The work experience

Soon after completing her course in journalism, she joined Radiocity 91.1 FM as an intern where she produced and hosted a show. Then she dipped her hands in various things like modeling, theater workshop, and assistant direction. Finally, in 2016 she started her own YouTube channel. Naturally, her creative and fresh content helped her in gaining immense popularity.


Captain Nick worked as an intern


3. The inspiration behind her channel

Everyone considers someone or something as their muse. Wondering what is hers? Well, during an interview she revealed that she used to make Dubsmash videos which her friends immensely enjoy. They are the one who encouraged her to go for her own channel.


Captain Nick with friends


4. What are the hurdles she faced?

Much like every YouTuber, the hurdle came from less number of views in her video. There was a time when she was truly demotivated but her friends acted as the constant motivators in her life. Thus, she continued uploading videos with unique and witty content, that soon gained immense fame.


Captain Nick candid pose


5. Why Captain Nick?

From Niharicka Singh to Captain Nick, certainly, the names belong from two different planets. While brainstorming with her brother to come up with a name for her social avatar, she settled on the name Nick. It seems that her nickname is same too. It was her brother who added Captain. Certainly, a cool name to pick!


Niharicka Singh aka Captain Nick


6. How much she earns?

Her videos get millions of views each month and she earns through the ads that run on the videos. Sparing you the intricate calculations, she earns around 2 lakh per month.


Captain Nick earning


7. Which video gained the most view?

That’s a bit heard job to determine her most viewed video. It keeps on fluctuating as the videos have a tough competition to gain the first space. However, here is a recent one that has gained around 619K views.


Captain Nick is indeed someone who keeps us entertained with her fun content. What do you think? If you are interested in knowing about other YouTubers, then Ashish Chanchlani is worth checking out.


Image Credit: Instagram

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