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‘Cannabis Coffee’ Is The Latest Thing Millennials Are Dying To Try!

Published on 20 September, 2018 at 4:08 pm By

Millennials are talking about a new and different kind of coffee that has already become their dream drink even before it’s worldwide launch. This coffee is special because it has cannabis infused in it. If we tell you about the benefits of this coffee, you will be surprised to know that this coffee is not just a coffee but a major stress-buster. As per a recent research conducted by researchers based in Cambridge, it has been contended that the ‘healthy’ new cannabis-infused coffee could reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety. This new coffee has been created by a supplement company named FutureYou.


The coffee is known as CBD and is infused with cannabidiol. It is known that the CBD naturally occurs within the cannabis. It is also one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It is contended that the coffee wouldn’t make you go high since the CBD is not psychoactive.



The CBD has remained in the discussion by activists who are rooting for the legalization of the cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes.


Though, various studies have shown that the compound has positive effects and helps in cutting down pain and irritation.




The coffee containing cannabis could be very effective for people dealing with insomnia and those suffering from seizures and chronic pain. Recently, it was confirmed by the soft drink giant Coca Cola that the company may launch cannabis infused beverages.




Well, the cannabis infused coffee could be a major hit in the market if we consider the fact that it may help in reducing the stress levels.

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