Twitterati Has Taken The ‘Canceled Ola’ Incident To A New Height. Broken The Internet With Hilarious Memes

4:39 pm 25 Apr, 2018


The sprees of happening hilarious things in the world of social media continue in India. Just a day after we reported about a girl demanding a companion for love from the e-commerce website Amazon, we came across another very interesting yet unusual thing again on Twitter.

This time, a man, named Abhishek Mishra, has posted on his Twitter handle that he has canceled his Ola booking BECAUSE THE DRIVER WAS A MUSLIM, which has triggered a huge debate on the social media.



The online transportation network company, however, replied back the user politely saying that Ola, like our country, India, is a secular platform and that they don’t discriminate their drivers or customers based on their caste, religion, gender or creed.

The company also urged all its customers and drivers to treat each other with respect at all times.



However, after a huge debate on the social media on the issue, Twitterati has taken the incident to a new height by putting up tweets keeping “I canceled OLA because” intact and giving a hilarious angle to it.

The various funny tweets have taken the internet by storm. You take a look at some of the hilarious ones and have a good laugh yourself.


Referring to raping sprees by men across India!



Advocating the rights of minority communities in India?



Is the Delhi CM really known for taking a U-turn?




A die-hard fan of PM Modi!



The words of a Congressman and Gandhian!



Because you love him or you hate him?



Ola charging a little too much on customers?






What about you? Why did you or why would you cancel the booking?