Canadian Sikh Politician Jagmeet Singh Deals With Racist Comments With Utmost Brilliance

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Updated on 13 Sep, 2017 at 5:46 pm


A Sikh Canadian politician’s response to heckling by a woman who mistook him to be Muslim is impressing many people all over the world. Jagmeet Singh, the first turban-wearing Sikh to serve as provincial legislator of Ontario, was recently campaigning at Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre in Ontario when a woman heckled him with an aggressive racist rant but his response clearly won the woman, as well as others, present there.

38-year-old Singh was campaigning for a leading position of the New Democratic Party, the third largest party in Canada. At the event that he called “JagMeet and Greet” was a campaigning event cum a community outreach program. But as soon as he was about to start, a woman, who introduced herself a Jennifer, a women’s and children’s advocate, walked up to Singh and started asking him belligerently about Sharia and Muslims. But clearly, Jagmeet Singh isn’t a Muslim.

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Singh kept his calm, ignored her racial comments and tried to deal with the situation by saying


We are not going to be intimidated by hatred.

He brought up his motto of “Love and Courage” and resolve the situation. And he was soon joined by others supporting him and his attempt. The entire incident was captured on a video which is going viral on the internet. You can watch it here:


On Sunday, Singh tweeted a statement describing the incident and why he felt it wasn’t important to clarify to the woman that he is not a Muslim but a Sikh. Here is Jagmeet Singh’s tweet:


While there were many who supported and tweeted in support of Jagmeet for his attempt, there were some who trolled the woman for not being well-informed about cultures. Have a look at some Twitter responses below: