Canada Finally Accepts This Syrian Refugee, Twitter Applauds

4:07 pm 30 Nov, 2018


A refugee from Syria, who was forced to spend 9 months in a limbo at a Malaysian airport, was granted permanent residency by Canada under their refugee sponsorship program. He is headed for Vancouver now. Now, this may seem like an everyday news, but wait until you find out his whole story.

His name is Hassan al-Kontar and he has been stuck in a Malaysian airport since March. He was not allowed to enter Malaysia because of visa issues and was also not allowed to travel to other countries as well. He shared a short version of his heart-wrenching story on Twitter earlier this year:




As it can be seen, he submitted an application to get rehabilitated at Canada in April. Hassan al-Kontar has been posting various photos and videos since he got stuck at the airport. The posts show him surviving on donated food, bathing at public toilets at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and even giving himself a haircut.



His lawyer Andrew Brouwer told the media that Hassan was put on a Vancouver-bound flight on Monday. He also said that his client was recognised by Canada as a refugee and was granted permanent residency under the country’s refugee sponsorship programme.

Hassan shared the news with his followers on Twitter by posting a video. Take a look:



Naturally, Twitterati were delighted to know that Hassan will finally have a home in Canada. They expressed their joy by commenting on Hassan’s video. Take a look at some of the tweets:








Are you too happy for Hassan? Let us know in the comments.

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