Here’s The Winner Of Cambridge University’s Controversial ‘Best Bum’ Competition 2017

1:47 am 19 Dec, 2017

The recipient of this year’s Cambridge University’s ‘best bum’ award has been unveiled and the winner says it is a victory for body acceptance.

The undergraduate, identified only as ‘Vita’, won 24.32 per cent of the vote among The Tab student newspaper readers with the shot of her leaning naked against an oak tree at Homerton College. She took victory by a one per cent margin over second place ‘Virginia’, who polled 23.08 per cent with a similar pose in a tree.


Bum competition

Vita leaning naked against an oak tree at Homerton College.

Vita is proud to have won as a woman with a voluptuous figure, and even joked that she’s more proud of her photos than getting into Cambridge. She didn’t claim the credit but said that the title given to her says a lot about how far the world has come in body acceptance. This is what she said after winning the best bum title:

“I don’t have the most athletic figure and I have quite a considerable bottom and thighs. It says a lot about how far the world has come in body acceptance.”

“I have worked hard to accept my body. I wanted to prove that to myself by doing something I wouldn’t usually do. I didn’t even expect the photo would be in the top 10 – let alone be the winner.”

“I’ve never been so proud of something like that. I’m probably more proud of that than getting into Cambridge.”

It is said that Vita, who is reading law at Gonville and Caius, only decided to enter the competition when her friend – a professional photographer – asked her the night before. She said that the photos were taken near a football pitch during a football match.

Take a look at the photos of some of the participants at the controversial best bums competition till date.

Most of the students have been pictured in the grounds of their college.


Cambridge University


But others ventured to the rooftops for a more picturesque photo.


Cambridge University


Some stripped naked on the banks of the River Cam.


Cambridge University


While one male undergraduate posed for his picture next to a confused bull.


Cambridge University


One girl student stripped completely nude in a lecture hall for her shoot.


Cambridge University


Another girl student with a brave pose.


Cambridge University


Runner up from last year’s Best Bum competition posed stark naked in the library.


Cambridge Univerity


This girl pushed her bottom out for the camera as she posed by the lake.


Cambridge University


Each candidate appears on the student newspaper The Tab website which encourages their peers to vote on their favorite bottom. The competition is being run for the third time despite strong opposition from women’s groups.