10 Reasons A Cake Is A Thing For Life, Not Just For Birthdays

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12:39 pm 21 Nov, 2016

Dear Cake,

This is a love letter to you. The moment we blow out the candles on our first birthday you become a part of our lives. Whatever the occasion, your presence is a must! Of course, birthdays are just an excuse to have your taste in our mouth. Cakes are for Birthdays but for some…

Cake is love. Cake is life.



And if you are among those for whom cakes are life, you can use these ten reasons to explain why you are so madly in love with cakes…

1. Cakes are not just a birthday thing. They are like relatives; they don’t need any reason to ring your doorbell. But the sight of cake brings relief, unlike relatives.



2. Almost everyone loves cake. Cakes should be awarded the title of ‘The Most Loved Thing On Earth’. Many a time it’s the only reason for some to attend a boring party.



3. Cake is one thing that never leaves you lonely. It’s just a fridge away or sometimes just a click away…



4. Cakes bring a ray of hope. They bring happiness during sad days…



5. Cake is the true meaning of beauty! From Choco-Nutty-Licious to Coffee Mocha Felicity, look at any of them, you will see beauty and perfection everywhere…



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6. A cake means happiness. It is available each time we feel happy, and each time we want to celebrate…



7. Cakes are not just a dessert. You can eat them anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner! Cake is forever.



8. Ever heard of foodgasm? Yes, that’s exactly what cakes give you. Cakes are comforting. They just melt in your mouth, make you high and take you to a different world.



9. Cakes are dreamy. They aren’t mean like people. They don’t harm you, they just do you good. They make your day.



10. Cakes are your best friends. They never judge you. They get along with your situation and are always ready to be a part of your happiness, sadness, celebrations…everything.



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