10 Most Popular Cafes In Delhi For Saturday Evenings

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10:00 am 25 Nov, 2015


Life in Delhi can prove to be a bit bitter on you with the same workaholic routine every week. If you are tired and agitated with the five days of hard work and effort that you had put in at work and want a break from the usual, here we bring to you the top 10 cafes in Delhi where you can halt and spend a splendid Saturday evening.

1. Social, Hauz Khas Village

Social at Hauz Khas is the perfect party hub for workaholics. Saturdays are overbooked at this one and you really need to make it on time if you want your evenings to be made super-rocking with the ambience of the indo-western decor of this cafe bar.


2. Summer House Cafe, Aurobindo Market


If you want to escape from wasting half of your Saturday evening in traffic jams around Hauz Khas, try Summer House Cafe in Aurobindo Market. The place hosts various Bands and also has some good DJ-ing going around.


3. Smokey’s Bar and Grill, GK II

A great place to hang out with friends, Smokey’s Bar and Grill offers a variety of tongue pleasing dishes. Saturday evenings are set amidst some warm musical performances by various artists.


4. Soi 7, Cyber Hub

If you like some off-beat electro madness to fill up your mind with nothing else but just electric music then this place is perfect for you. The ambience is party-like and will set your mood to a refreshing one as soon as you enter.


5. Barrels, Vasant Vihar

‘Barrels’ in Vasant Vihar features some very impressive artists and bands on weekends. A major attraction here is the cheap rate of drinks being offered. If it is the last weekend of the month, you should hit this cafe.


6. What a Comic Show, SDA

This place is different from other places in terms of the gigs it offers. The restaurant not only offers good live music but also hosts some outstanding stand up comedy sessions during weekends for you to forget all your worries and spend an evening in laughter.


7. Lodi- The Garden Restaurant, Lodhi Colony

Though a bit heavy on the pocket this place has the perfect ambiance for a peaceful yet refreshing Saturday evening. You can enjoy exclusively mouth-watering delicacies with some soothing background music charming the place even more.


8. Turquoise Cottage, Saket

With its interiors themed in an old war veteran art, Turquoise Cottage is a great place to hang out on Saturdays. Live shows and gigs by various bands are the major attractions on weekends along with good food and sparkling drinks.


9. My Bar Square, Connaught Place

My Bar Square is a social hub for sports junkies. There are innumerable screens all over the place and you can enjoy as much sports as you want with your favourite drinks at reasonable prices.


10. Rumbar, Hauz Khas Village

Another gem of a place at Hauz Khas Village, Rumbar is a funky place for Latin and Jazz lovers. The place features various bands playing Latin music and some feet tapping numbers to make your evening a peppy one. Drinks are available at reasonable rates.



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