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C.V. Raman Was So Confident Of Winning Nobel Prize That He Booked His Ticket Months In Advance

Published on 25 November, 2016 at 5:45 pm By

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, popularly known as Sir CV Raman, won 1930’s Nobel Prize for Physics for his ground-breaking work in the field of light scattering.



The Famous People

Sir CV Raman. The Famous People

While many know about his ground-breaking work, there are very few people who know that his Noble Prize also got him much criticism from other physicists as well.

In the past, many have debated about Raman getting the Noble Prize, with several questions being raised about him refusing to share the prize with the Russian scientists G.S. Landsberg and L.I. Mandelstam, who had observed a similar effect in the case of crystals.


Top 10 Wala

Sir CV Raman explaining the Raman Effect to his students. Top 10 Wala

Further, Raman who was conferred knighthood, and also India’s highest civilian award the ‘Bharat Ratna’, was so was confident of winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, that according to page 50 of G. Venkataraman’s Book the ‘Raman and His Effect‘, he booked his tickets in July 1930 itself even though the awards were not announced till November 1930.

His confidence or arrogance has even started a debate on Reddit, where many have criticised Raman and his attitude, while others have shown him endless support.




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