This Is Why C In McDonald’s, McDowell’s And McGrath Is Always Written In Lowercase

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11:16 am 14 Apr, 2018


Since childhood, the burger joint McDonald’s has had a constant presence in our lives.

Time and again we all have visited McDonald’s and though our full concentration have been on the amazing burger, fries and the food they provide, we all have least paid the attention to the giant M signs that are put up at these fast food joints.

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Have you observed that they write the name as “McDonald’s” and not “Mc Donald’s” that is with space after “c” and that the alphabet “c” is always in small that is in lowercase and D in capital or uppercase?

There are also other known names like “McGrath” and popular alcohol brand “McDowell” who write their names in similar fashion and not Mc Grath or Mc Dowell.



The reason behind keeping the “c” small and not keeping a space between “c” and “D” and “c” or “G” is that these words are Gaelic where “Mc” is short for “Mac” which means “son of”.

While in olden times people used to write and say “Mac,” with the passage of time it became “Mc”.

Thus “Son of Donald’s” came to be written as McDonald’s and “Son of Dowell’s” as “McDowell’s.”

Here as “Donald” is a proper name, the “D” is always kept in uppercase or capital and is when combined with “Mc” it becomes “McDonald’s” not “Mc Donald’s”.


While the above case is true for “McDonald’s and McDowell’s” we must also point out that in some cases like in the name “John McMaster” the master is not the said person’s father’s name but his father’s profession.


Thus the above stands for “John,  son of a master ” where John’s father was a teacher or a professor.

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