Busting The 8 Common Myths About Cold

7:00 am 2 Jun, 2014


Can steam therapy help to sweat out a cold? Do I need to taste chicken soup to get rid of the whooping cough? Does medicine really help as touted? These questions might start to pop-up in the minds of people suffering from persistent cold.

Myths, half-truths and wrong suggestions from others can sometimes lead you believe things that aren’t true or remain unproved. Research has busted several myths about the causes of cold.

This list provides you some of the most common age old myths about cold, which so many of us still follow blindfold. Here they are:

8. You Can Sweat Out a Cold


Many people believe that they can get rid of a cold by sweating it out. But few people are aware of the fact that our body naturally develops a high temperature to get rid of cold. Thus forcing your body to heat up artificially is not going to help much.

You Can Sweat Out a Cold

7. Cold Conditions Favor Flu

In several studies, it has been proved that people going out in chilling weather conditions are not susceptible to catching cold, as was thought. Low temperatures and freeze conditions will not always get you sick. Germs are more likely to grow indoors and cold weather is just a good reason to keep people locked inside their room. Closed conditions provide the cold virus a chance to grow and catch cause cold.

Cold Conditions Favor Flu

6. Wet Hair Will Make You Sick

This is one of the biggest myths that your grandmother keeps you telling all the time. But actually moving out of shower without rugging up your head doesn’t make you catch cold, says Dr. William Schaffner, Nashville. He simply rules out any correlation between wet hair and cold infection as virus enters through our respiratory tract.

Wet Hair Will Make You Sick

5. Only Sneeze Can Spread Virus

There is a wide consensus that cough droplets are responsible for spreading cold virus. But in fact, expelled droplets are not the only reason that puts people at higher risk of catching a bug. Your hands provide the most common way to spread the cold flu to people in your contact. Also a virus responsible for cold can survive for a few hours in enclosed areas such as floor space, bed sheet and dinner table.

 Only Sneeze Can Spread Virus

4. Wearing a Facemask Can Keep The Virus At Bay

It is partially true that a facemask can protect you from the risk of lingering viruses present in air. A cold virus generally enters through our respiratory tract and mask is a great way to prevent viruses from entering your body through the nose and mouth. But putting a mask over your face requires you to follow some rules. The mask must not get wet and you should have clean hands while putting it on and taking it off. The risk of getting infected with a virus is quite high when our hands already house the virus.

Wearing a Facemask Can Keep The Virus At Bay

3. Chicken Soup Is Effective In Cold

Our mums are already aware of this tasty medicine for treating someone suffering from cold. They are fair enough as chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the infection in the upper respiratory tract. But drinking chicken soup doesn’t lead to remove the cold virus from your body. It just helps to ease your chest from the cold.

Chicken Soup Is Effective In Cold

2. Vitamins are Useful

There is no dearth of suggestions about the effectiveness of Vitamin C tablets in cold. But there is no conclusive evidence that can support this fact.


1. Stress Can Increase Your Chances of Catching Cold

Stress is not the only reason of getting easily infected with flu. It’s the germs that ultimately cause a cold. Chronic stress may be a factor for harder recovery but it’s not entirely responsible for your condition.



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