This Detailed Note Of How A Bus Damaged A Car Is Winning Hearts On Twitter

12:46 pm 24 Nov, 2018


It happens that parked vehicles get hit and damaged and the owners never get a clue what led to it. I mean you parked your car and somehow it got damaged and you don’t know who did it and how it happened. But thanks to a sixth grader’s detailed note, a college student in the US knew what caused a dent on his cherished red car. Many a time people leave a note to offer the payment to damages but this note was extraordinary.

Sipowicz, a senior at Canisius College, found the handwritten note on his vehicle. The note added details with a bus drawn below with faces peeking through its windows.


Bus damaged a car, letter



The student shared the letter on Twitter and people were amazed to see such a cute thing!



Actually, such details are incredible for a kid!





Indeed. Let’s see if we have found the Sherlock Holmes in this kid.



Lol, yes she has!



Kids are awesome, ain’t they? Next time if you find your little one drawing something then do remember of this incident.




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