Bad Habits You Need To Burn This Dussehra

Updated on 20 Oct, 2018 at 10:40 am


I remember that while being in school I always wondered why Ravana was burnt! I mean Rama could have talked to him or police should have been involved. Lol! Well, then my teacher came out with the answer that it basically symbolizes the victory of good over evil. So the burning of Ravana is actually burning the bad away. Sounds fair. We should all get rid of the evils in and around us. We can always start with bad habits.

What could be the list of such bad things (things which are the roadblocks in our successful journey) which we should get rid of ASAP! Dussehra celebrations will be special if we start making some important changes in our lives.




Let’s get  financially better

Financial planning is not only important but a necessity. I always get short of money about the end of the month and it is super fuzzy. Why do we fail to save? No financial planning, of course. Mounting up credit limits and increasing expenses need a break. It will be a big help to ourselves if we start planning our finances. So this Dussehra let us save a little more.



Let’s get healthier

Sleeping a little extra, five more minutes! We all love that don’t we? But it is highly unhealthy also being a couch potato or not taking care of our health. If you get ill then what? We can’t go to our mothers any more to save us. Keep a check on your food if it is actually good for your health.




Say no to junk food

Festivals are all about food, at least of me. Junk food is the best escape from that boring ghar ka khana. But the bitter truth is that this junk food is the reason for our junk health. So before we become what we eat let’s get away with this evil and start eating organic and healthy.





Move on to sustainable lifestyle

Aaram ki zindagi, who doesn’t love it. No fuzz only fun. The fast lives have made us robots. I get scared of not sitting for a while and relax! Let’s move on to a sustainable life. Think about you and also for a better environment.



Stop checking smartphones every 10 seconds

I will stop checking my phone too much and you should too. I know phones are really smart but trust me we are overusing them. And it is high time we quit this bad habit.




This Dussehra lets take a pledge to change for good. I know it is not as easy as saying but what about a start?

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